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Unable to find files in Rocksmith Toolkit - Mac - Catalina

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Hey everyone, 


I got the converter to work on Catalina but I'm having a really hard time using the UI to find the folder I have everything in on my desktop.


I'm going through the following


Desktop/My Computer/C:/Users/name/Desktop/

and it comes up empty. It should be pulling up a folder though. I can't seem to locate where this file is or anything on my Mac. E.g. the downloads folder which has additional folders in it to test comes up empty as well.


Any ideas?

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Go to the ToolKit, right click the icon, and select "Show Package Contents". Then select the folder "drive_c". I created a folder in here titled "CDLC", so I can drop PC customs and convert them to Mac. 


Once converted, make sure to copy/paste these new m.psarc files to the CDLC folder in Steam. Hope this helps. 

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