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  1. Hey everyone, I got the converter to work on Catalina but I'm having a really hard time using the UI to find the folder I have everything in on my desktop. I'm going through the following Desktop/My Computer/C:/Users/name/Desktop/ and it comes up empty. It should be pulling up a folder though. I can't seem to locate where this file is or anything on my Mac. E.g. the downloads folder which has additional folders in it to test comes up empty as well. Any ideas?
  2. Hi, Been totally out of the loop for a while since my computer was out of commission. Pretty much had to start from scratch. I was looking to start redownloading some CDLC but its no longer available in Ignition? Specifically, looking for the following tracks by Coheed & Cambria A favor house atlanticthree evils (embodied in love and shadow)the crowingal the killerbackend of forever2113light and the glasscuts marked in the march of manin keeping secrets of silent earth:3crossing the framethe sufferingthe lying lies and dirty secrets of miss erica courtfuel for the feeding endtelling truthfinal cutIf anyone can shed some light as to where they went or how I would be able to download them again, that'd be super helpful. Thanks!
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