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I'm under the impression that cf users would like tone creation and placement inserted into all customs. It certainly makes for a great twitch experience.

Post was edited from its long, boring, in-depth explanation about how sound waves/vibrations travel through the various elements contained within an electric (strung) instrument. And, the redundant details of everything affecting tone after the input jack. All tailored toward rs to gather information about the importance of tone creation/insertion.

To the staff, admins and developers, thank you for all of the help, even the opinions ;)

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Do customs songs need tones? YES! I don't want to hear my bare guitar. If I wanted that, I would play without headphones on. I'm gonna expose myself and say that I know I sound like utter dog do-do. The tones are very important in my experience. I would disagree with tones being subjective to a certain point. A tone will sound different to everyone because the guitar being used (how it handles the notes you play), and the hardware you use (headphones, sound card, etc). But the game will always make the tone the same for everyone (at least to my knowledge). I would you rather put a tone that sounds good on your system then no tone at all... We want to get as close to official DLC as possible (or at least that's the goal), and leaving out tones is taking out a huge part.


Example: A heavy distortion guitar part shouldn't be set to the default tone, as shouldn't a piano part.


Though I'm not the boss around here, and I have my own (invalid) opinions. But YES to tones. 

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@@ffio1 I feel that people have a dedicated distortion tone set to tone stick. I have no idea what you're talking about, with the headphones. But you've clarified, quite well, that tone creation/insertion is a very important part of a custom. Thank you, greatly appreciated.  :)

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@@phillupdbowl The problem with not having tones is that at one point in time, it caused tone change to be broken which would prevent you from actually using your favorite tone set to one of the 3 position.

Yes, tones will vary greatly from hardware to hardware, no one can deny that but that's totally beside the practical point of having tones set and tones changes in CDLC. For the best possible experience in as many case as possible with CDLC, tones are needed.

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