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WIP- The Black Dahlia Murder Climactic Degradation(BASS)


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EDIT 5/1/2014Hey I just tried my hand at making my first CDLC and was hoping to get some feedback/ advice on it.as of right now I have  made the Bass track and Rhythm with DD,I added proper tonesAdded leading silence My main problem with this myself is that the note detection seems to be off. I tune according to the guide and it just seems like most of the notes (especially the sustained notes) miss even when slowed down in RR. other songs in the same tuning work fine and I have tried two different basses to the same effect. I tried searching the help/support forums but I did not find any topics on this.does anybody know what may be causing this, or a possible fix?Any and all suggestions and help are greatly appreciatedArtist: The Black Dahlia MurderSong: Climactic DegradationAlbum: NocturnalInstruments: Bass, RhythmTuning: C standardLink: http://www.mediafire.com/download/w1w8z8643kb6g81/The-Black-Dahlia-Murder_Climactic-Degradation_v_p.psarc 

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