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Hey, this is my workshop page. I will be updating this with various things I am working on, future plans, and more.


10/22/2019: I noticed that with the site backup a couple of my latest charts were deleted, I will re-upload them soon. I am currently in the process of getting a new computer, so CDLC creation is on pause right now. I am also starting a full time job very soon, so my output is likely to slow considerably.


Current plans: Rework my charts of JDA - DNA and add tones. I am currently getting the itch to just chart a whole album, not sure which though. Also, apparently there is going to be another Thank You Scientist bass tab book, so you can expect me to do that in it's entirety.


9/29/19: Apparently there is going to be a new Thank You Scientist bass book coming out soon, so I plan on working on that. Coming out in a couple of days I have some very cool songs. Also I just bought a collection of like 200 anime song tabs that I will be going through over time.


8/15/19: Quick update on what I am working on. Sill working on some stuff from MISSA, next I want to get some Summoning done.





I am always open to requests, however I do have rules.


1. Song must have a good tab. If it has an official tab there is a high chance I will take your request (even if I don't like the song).


2. Song must be related to other customs I have made. For example, J rock and extreme metal. However if it has an interesting bass line I would consider it regardless.


3. You can DM me here, or leave a comment on this thread.



What I am working on now


Just finished a beta version of my next Inferi chart - go check that out if you are interested.


Currently working on some Janne Da Arc, Anaal Nathrakh, Inferi, finishing the Thank You Scientist customs, and Archspire customs.


Also procrastinating adding tones to my old stuff ;_;


Ongoing projects


I have several major projects ongoing: Dir en Grey discography, Janne Da Arc discography, Inferi - Revenant full album.


If there is a specific song you want done from here let me know, otherwise I am just making these on a whim.


Future stuff


At some point I will be starting on other visual kei and J rock albums. I have an Oral Cigarettes tab book sitting on my shelf right now.

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