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Mac patch fix - CDLCs not loading solution

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Hey everyone,


I tried looking for a solution, for the problem of not being able to load CDLCs for Mac users and couldn't find any on the forum.


Anyway to keep things short, I followed the instructions on downloading rocksmith tool launcher, patching rocksmith and converting files and so on, the problem for me was the patch file, it couldn't find the directory of rocksmith (highlighted in red on the image below)




And here's how I fix it, I opened RUN_PATCH_RS.command in a text editor (below)




And edited the highlighted part - rocksmith location- and replaced it with the actual one on my mac, I just copied and paste it (Topdog is my username on my mac)




Once I made the change, I saved the file and run it, instead of showing an error it did run perfectly (below)




After that I launched rocksmith and the CDLCs were running smoothly!


I hope that solution could help others.


One last thing, I've been trying to find the patch post but couldn't, if anyone know I'd appreciate it if you could leave a link to it.




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