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[Feedback/Test request] Frightened Rabbit - Fast Blood


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TLDR; Above is a link to Fast Blood by Frightened Rabbit I've made using Tabs/Videos/Ear. Looks a bit messy and am asking for some advice and feedback on how I might improve it? Thanks!


The above link is to the cdlc I've done. This song is actually super simple to play so thought it would be good to try and learn how to make CDLC (I'd like to do the lead part too in time). I've not had any problem using any of the software - thanks to all those that make that possible btw - but I'm after some feedback.


Basically, I've based it off one of the only tabs I can find which is a tab someone had written by watching Scott play an acoustic set. I've tweaked it based on hearing and watching him play the electric version live. I dare say some bits are wrong as I'm only a learner myself. 


Either way - song wasn't a great choice for me. Strumming and the timing is all over the shop to my ear. It's supposed to be 130BPM but never stays in that timing (I've tried tapping it out myself and it comes to about 130.3 but even that's still off) I just think the song fluctuates constantly. Also, the strumming pattern's a PITA 'cus he changes it constantly. No copy paste for me!


Anyway, I'm aware I should probably add sustain to the notes but it still looks horrendous to play if you don't know the song. If anyone could test this for me and perhaps provide feedback I'd love to improve and start giving back as a contributor to this fine community.


If this post is in the wrong place - I apologise and just let me know and I'll try sort it out.




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