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Hello there


This is the topic created for the organization purposes. 

You can find here every Opeth chart sorted by album.

(All customs made by me unless otherwise stated.)




Orchid (1995)




1. In Mist She Was Standing

2. Under the Weeping Moon 

3. Silhouette (Piano instrumental)

4. Forest of October  (Created by Flapman)

5. The Twilight is My Robe  (Created by mattrxcool)

6. Requiem

7. The Apostle In Triumph


Morningrise (1996)




1. Advent (Created by bernixix)

2. The Night and the Silent Water

3. Nectar

4. Black Rose Immortal

5. To Bid You Farewell


My Arms, Your Hearse (1998)




1. Prologue (Piano instrumental)

2. April Ethereal (Created by albatross213)

3. When

4. Madrigal

5. The Amen Corner

6. Demon of the Fall

7. Credence

8. Karma

9. Epilogue


Still Life (1999)




1. The Moor 

2. Godhead's Lament

3. Benighted

4. Moonlapse Vertigo

5. Face of Melinda

6. Serenity Painted Death

7. White Cluster (created by albatross213)


Full album chart


Blackwater Park (2001)




1. The Leper Affinity

2. Bleak

3. Harvest

4. The Drapery Falls

5. Dirge for November

6. The Funeral Portrait

7. Patterns in the Ivy

8. Blackwater Park

9. Still Day Beneath the Sun - Bonus Track

10. Patterns in the Ivy II - Bonus Track


Deliverance (2002)




1. Wreath (Created by albatross213)

2. Deliverance (Created by albatross213)

3. A Fair Judgement (Created by albatross213)

4. For Absent Friends (Created by Sammerh)

5. Master's Apprentices (Created by albatross213)

6. By the Pain I See in Others


Damnation (2003)




1. Windowpane (Created by FearTheTitan)

2. In My Time of Need (Created by albatross213)

3. Death Whispered a Lullaby

4. Closure (Created by albatross213)

5. Hope Leaves (Created by albatross 213)

6. To Rid the Disease (Created by albatross213)

7. Ending Credits (Created by albatross213)

8. Weakness


Ghost Reveries (2005)




1. Ghost of Perdition (Created by FearTheTitan)

2. The Baying of the Hounds  (Created by albatross213)

3. Beneath the Mire (Created by albatross213)

4. Atonement

5. Reverie/Harlequin Forest (Created by bernixix)

6. Hours of Wealth

7. The Grand Conjuration

8. Isolation Years


Watershed (2008)




1. Coil (Created by albatross213)

2. Heir Apparent (Created by albatross213)

3. The Lotus Eater (Creater by ghgeek20)

4. Burden

5. Porcelain Heart

6. Hessian Peel (Created by solservo)

7. Hex Omega

8. Derelict Herds - Bonus Track

9. Bridge of Sighs - Bonus Track / Robin Trower Cover


Heritage (2011)




1. Heritage (Piano instrumental)

2. The Devil's Orchard

3. I Feel the Dark (Created by Mach)

4. Slither

5. Nepenthe (Created by solservo)

6. Häxprocess 

7. Famine

8. The Lines in My Hand (Created by albatross213)

9. Folklore

10. Marrow of the Earth (Created by twentyskulls)

11. Pyre - Bonus Track

12. Face in the Snow - Bonus Track


Pale Communion (2014)




1. Eternal Rains Will Come

2. Cusp of Eternity (Created by FearTheTitan)

3. Moon Above, Sun Below

4. Elysian Woes

5. Goblin

6. River

7. Voice of Treason

8. Faith in Others (Created by FearTheTitan)


Sorceress (2016)




1. Persephone  (Created by DearkenedGod)

2. Sorceress

3. The Wilde Flowers

4. Will o the Wisp

5. Chrysalis

6. Sorceress 2

7. The Seventh Sojourn

8. Strange Brew

9. A Fleeting Glance

10. Era

11. Persephone (Slight Return)

12. The Ward - Bonus Track (Created by Sammerh)

13. Spring MCMLXXIV - Bonus Track

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