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Can you select a group of a certain color notes? For example only green notes but not any other color? I already tried ctrl or shift left-click.


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I know you can shift+left-click and ctrl+left-click to select a group of notes. But it selects EVERY note. I'm trying to select a row of green notes and ONLY green notes, but it will select all the notes when I ctrl or shift left-click. How do I select ONLY one colored set of notes. I've been selecting each note one by one, but there is like 20 notes within only a 5 second period. I'm trying to edit drums that have a crash cymbol (green) acting as a high hat (yellow). Also can you only move those notes (from green to yellow) without moving every single other colored note? When I try to move the green notes, it selects all notes and moves them time-wise. I'm not trying to change the position of the notes, only the note itself.  

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@@Spartant2112 you can select the whole section and use the conditionnal deselect under the edit menu to keep only the note you wish to keep in your selection.

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