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Capta1n_GH Songs - P!nk - So What (WIP) Need Help With Tones


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I've done some work with rocksmith customs but never really released anything so this will be my first release.


i thought i would start with something easy but it turned out to be much more of a challenge then i thought it would be with there being lot of guitars that i'm finding hard to fit on all 3 guitar parts.


Guess that's what makes doing some pop songs hard i guess.


The first song i plan to release is so what which i need guitar tones for as i can't make a guitar tone if my life depended on it.


here is a video with all the guitar parts if anyone is interested in helping with the tunes.


i've almost got the lead guitar done, which after i have to work on the rhythm and bonus lead for some of the other guitar parts which i don't think i can fit them all in.



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