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D3DX9_43.dll and original Romost of cksmith problems?



** ORIGINAL NAME OF THE POST: "D3DX9_43.dll and original Rocksmith problems?", don't know why the name has changed :blink:

**I'm from Spain, my english is not perfect, if you see anything bad wirtten, I'm sorry :( :)



I just purchased my original Rocksmith 2014 Remastered and I don't know if the CDLCs can run in the original game.  Before purchasing the game, I had it downloaded (bad thing, I know) but I really love this game so I decided to buy it via Steam. I confess, before buying the game I made the CDLCs run in the pirate copy of the game, but now my questions are if the CDLCs work also in the original game. I guess yes, but another question I have is that if I need the D3DX9_43.dll archive for make them run, because I put the .dll and the CDLCs after installing the game, and the 3 times I could pass the initial calibration, the game freezed, with that hateful window that says that "Rocksmith doesnt' work", and I have to close it. Is this freeze because of the .dll, or the CDLCs? I just reinstalled the game and, before putting again the Customs and the .dll I prefer to ask... :(

Oh! And I also have that problem that I can't hear my bass or my guitar while trying to calibrate most of the times - 99% of the times -, I tried everything: calibrate the audio speakers and micro (I don't use headphones), changing parts of the Rocksmith.ini archive (I have the original .ini too) , updating my graphic card... and nothing worked

I'm a bit desperated and don't know what to do... what do you reccomend? I bought my Rocksmith game 2 days ago and I've couldn't play yet

Thanks for your help

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Ok, I just reinstalled the game without the D3DX9_43.dll and Customs, it stills freezing, so the CDLCs and .dll are not the problem, sorry for asking that :huh:

I'm getting mad trying to make it run and I can't, I'll still trying :wacko:

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@@Madia What song is freezing how and when?


Also don't hesitate to hit Ubisoft support if you have trouble with the software, it's free and might help you.

Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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Hi firekorn

Is not any song, is the initial calibration, when you just install the game and choose between guitar or bass, your skill levels, and that things. It freezes after tunning the strings, and I cannot got to see the menu inside the game. As I said, it freezes just before showing it, it's mad!


I'm trying to talk with Ubisoft support, but they haven't answered yet, I'll be patient :o

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