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Hello Again Classic Rock Coalition Guests And Members


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Hello Again Classic Rock Coalition Guests And Members 


   I have been Charting The complete Black Sabbath's Debut Album, using the audio from The Black Sabbath Debut Album Deluxe Edition, Remastered Reissue - 2016. Here are links to Avdoc's unreleased Customs.

Black Sabbath CD - 1 Part - 1


1. "Black Sabbath" *New                                  3b. "Bassically" *New

2. "The Wizard" *New                                        3c. "N.I.B." *Rechart

3a. "Behind the Wall of Sleep/Wasp"
Black Sabbath CD - 1 Part - 2


4. "Wicked World" *Rechart    5c. "Warning"

5a. "A Bit of Finger"                 6. "Evil Woman" *Rechart

5b. "Sleeping Village" *New


Black Sabbath CD - 2 Part - 1


1. "Evil Woman(Single A-Side)      
2. "Black Sabbath"(Studio Outtake)

4. "The Wizard"(Studio Outtake)

5. "Behind"The Wall Of Sleep (Studio Outtake) *New

Black Sabbath CD - 2 Part - 2
6. "N.I.B."(Alt. Ver.)                      8. "Sleeping"Village (Intro)
7. "Evil Woman"(Alt. Ver.)           9. "Warning"(Part 1)


Also soon to be posted are many Customs by The Classic Rock Coalition's Collaboration, of many Rock-N-Roll Classic and Rockin' Christmas Customs.


These Customs are nearing Completion.


Classic Rock

The Beach Boys - Little Saint Nick - 1963 V, B, R & L

Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas - 1964 V, B, R & L

The Kinks - Father Christmas - 1977 V, B & R - Still working on Lead Path

The Ventures - Jingle Bell Rock - 1965 V, B, R & L

The Ventures - White Christmas - 1965 V, B, R, L1 & L2

The Ventures - Sleigh Ride - 1965 V, B, R, L1 & L2


Hard Rock

AC/DC - Mistress For Christmas - 1990 V, B, R & L

The Ramones - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight) - 1989 V, B, R & L


Later, avdocatwork





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