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I figured this might be an easy band to chart out the discography of this band, because as of now they only have one album out. However, they and some of their members have been featured in various projects during the interim of their absence and working on their next album, which is titled "Under the Moonlight". My goal is to have the list completed some time before their album releases, and then listen to their new album and chart it out to have a complete discography for this band. Because power metal is essential, especially when building strength for long strumming sections.


2005 - Into the Enchanted Chamber



  1. Curse of the Werewolf3, (L,R,B, vocals still open)
  2. Witches of Black Magic 
  3. Into the Enchanted Chamber
  4. The Devil3, (L,R,B, vocals still open)
  5. The Red Rose
  6. A Minor Intermezzo (Omission, no guitars)1
  7. Return of the Werewolf
  8. Memories
  9. The Gates of Hell
  10. Down to the Gallows
  11. The Dark Side Forest (Omission, no guitars)1
  12. The Voyage2
  13. The Gathering (Bonus) (Omission, no guitars)1
  14. Church of the Damned (Bonus)

*1) These are being omitted because as the notes say, these songs feature absolutely no guitar in them.

*2) This song is 14 minutes long. No joke. It's going to take a while to chart it out.

*3) This song is either complete or is in the process of being completed.


2006 - Present (until next album release) - Unreleased Works



  1. Heaven in Hell (2006)
  2. Sir Martin (In the Year of Our Lord) (2015)
  3. Full Moon (2016) (Cover)

Please either reply or PM me showing interest in this project. Unfortunately, one track has already been completed, The Devil, with the exception of vocals. Curse of the Werewolf is already underway as well, but everything else is still up for grabs!

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