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I figured there's people out there who enjoy grindcore as much as me, so I thought i'd try my hand at compiling a list of grindcore cdlcs, and it's sub-genres.


I plan on updating this list periodically, so let me know what I've missed!

btw i totally ripped off of hologrammar's format lol


Notable Charters

@ghgeek20, @Comalive, @qt314xxx



Fantômas (3 songs)


Classic Style

Anal Cunt (6 songs; lead only, 404'd)

Gridlink (3 songs)

Napalm Death (4 songs)



Aborted (5 songs)

Benighted (11 songs)

Brain Drill (1 song)

Cattle Decapitation (2 songs)

Dying Fetus (6 songs)

Misery Index (1 song; lead only)

Rotten Sound (1 song; rhythm only)


Industrial Grindcore

The Berzerker (1 song)



Alien Fucker (5 songs)

Cock and Ball Torture (1 song)

Rompeprop (1 song)


Bands with lots of tabs that haven't been done yet

Anal Cunt (tabs)

Autopsy (17 tabs)

Bolt Thrower (~30 tabs)

Brain Drill (7 tabs)

Cattle Decapitation (13 tabs)

Cock and Ball Torture (15 tabs)

Dying Fetus (30+ tabs)

Gut (10 tabs)

Impaled (tabs)

Misery Index (20+ tabs)

Napalm Death (40+ tabs)

Pig Destroyer (8 tabs)

The Berzerker (19 tabs)

The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza (25 tabs)

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~~~~~~~{ayy lmao}~~~~~~~~

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