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1. I purchased on remastered Steam Rocksmith 2014 Edition
2. I downloaded D3DX9_42.dll and copied it to C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Rocksmith2014
3. I purchased and installed it on Steam cherubrock (as indicated in the guide) and in the dlc folder I now also have:
4. downloaded from customforge the file: Dream-Theater_The-Best-of-Times-only_v1.0_p.psarc
5. I restarted the pc
6. I launched Rocksmith from the Steam icon on the desktop.
PROBLEM: When I go to the song (The best of times) I see only the crates and the game does not even allow me to go back with the ESC key.
With normal dlcs already in play, everything works perfectly.
I have uninstalled and installed rocksmith from Steam twice but nothing has changed.
I have windows 10 Professional.
Can you please help me out I'm crazy?
Thank you all!

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These are called crashers.  Take a look at the list of crashers thread and I think you will find some of the answers you seek.


However, I am seeing this with ALL of the CDLC I am using, so I wonder if the latest patches to Rocksmith 14 have caused CDLC not to work properly?

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Ok I reinstalled again, and used the DLL, again and it seems to be working.  What is odd is that the first DLL was 129k and the second one is 126k but I thought they were from the same saved location like a month apart.  Was there an update to the DLL?  Is that something that happens regularly?

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