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Unreleased Customs Available At The Classic Rock Coalition


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   Due To A Complete Loss Of Any Feedback And Very Poor Navigation To The Charters Record Page In CustomsForge's New Ignition search. I Plan On only releasing my Classic Rock Customs Here at the Classic Rock Coalition Social Group For CRC Guests and Members Only!. Hopefully Guests will at least give some feedback here, If There Isn't any Feedback By Guests, I guess I will Only Post My New Customs To The Full Members Forum, where I do Get Feedback Regularly. I am Sad It Has Come To This, But What Else Can I Do?


   All I Have To Say To CustomsForge's Administrators And Moderators Is Please Treat The Magna Charters Here With Some Respect, And Please Try To Give Them A Little Recognition For All There Time That The Charters Have Spent On Creating The Fantastic Customs Posted At CustomsForge. And Now They Are Available For Anybody To Download And Play On Guitar. For Myself I Need No Recognition, I Chart The Tunes I Have Always Wished I New How To Play And Thanks To SmithyAnvil and CustomsForge, I Have Been Able To Chart All The Tracks And Have Fun Attempting To Play Them, Because I Want Too. I Don't Have Too, For Sure.


Hi, Guys


   OK, Now I have all 6 Customs - For Avdoc's Late 60's Rock-N-Roll 6-Pack Charted and complete. There are a few problems in each one of them, but they all are very playable so far. I Plan on fixing them up before I post them to CF, If I decide to post them at all, or just have fun playin' them myself and available for CRC Members and Guests only.


  Here they are if anyone wants to give them a try.


Beatles - Hello, Goodbye  - 1967 L, R, BR, B & V

Bobby Fuller Four, The - I Fought The Law - 1965 L, R, B & V

Paul Revere And The Raiders - Kicks - 1966 L, R, B & V

Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride - 1968 L, R, B & V

Steppenwolf - Sookie Sookie - 1968 L, R, B & V


And the first Custom of Avdoc's Early 70's Rock-N-Roll 3-Pack



Later, Avdocatwork

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