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Analog delay Vs Stero Delay


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I primarily play metal and rarely clean, I run my delay and chorus in the amp's effects loop using a Zoom G2.1. Will my tone improve much switching to analog pedals, or will the analog distortion in my pre-amp not make much of a difference in the quality of the delay pedal?

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Well, your Zoom effects box costs about as much as your Asian made Jackson... even if you had higher end gear, I still might not have suggested you to bother. The Zoom processor you have is decent, especially for your likely rather low end rig.

I've upgraded to a Dean vmnt.

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Not that it looks to be too big of an upgrade, you still should be pretty fine to go with that box. ;)

I'm not talking about the cheap bolt-on vmnt that is Dean's version of the js32t, I'm talking the one with the ebony fretboard and Seymour Duncan livewire pups.
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Ok then, look, does the rest of your setup live up to it? If it doesn't, then don't bother. If you do have a nice tube amp (which I doubted given that guitar you had before your current) and a nice cab etc.. then analog pedals might make more of a difference.

Point is, you won't notice the difference too much inside the crap tones of a crappy setup.

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