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Feedback? Children of Bodom - Smile Pretty for the Devil


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Hi, this here, is my first project. I saw this was a song missing from the library.
I'm looking to get some general criticism, as a whole, and advice on a few notes.
Specifically how to represent the dive bombs and bar work.
I wrote the tab out myself and the dive bomb is too complex for mapping, could I rewrite bends/slides in as a substitute? Or change the tab in a certain way?
Also, how to accurately map the harmonics?
Try to ignore the guitar tone, it's just a random medium gain I picked. I'm all ears if anyone has an idea how to match that guitar sound, without multiple tone changes.


This is a WIP, I'm currently putting in the bends, and filling out the rest of it. But I intend to just keep it as a Lead only track, for now. 

Download here (Google Drive)



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