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Low Memory issues after installing CDLC?



Hey guys,


I just started working with CDLCs on Rocksmith 2014, and after installing a few songs and playing them a bit, my computer gave me a low memory error and told me to close Rocksmith 2014.

I have 16 GB of RAM and a GeForce GTX 960 2GB with i7-4790k CPU. So having low memory is simply not an option. I've played other games for some time after this issue started happening, and I got no notifications.


I tried removing D3DX9_42.dll from my Rocksmith folder (not the CDLC songs, just the .dll) and it seemed to have no issues at that point. Another note, when I get this memory error, my RAM is sitting at around 20% and CPU around 30-40%, so I don't understand why I'm getting this error.


I've ran CCleaner, cleaned my disks, ran virus scans and Malwarebytes to no avail. It's pretty annoying to have to close the game halfway through playing a song sometimes, because my PC decides it's using too much memory, when it isn't.


Any suggestions outside of what I've tried already, or a known solution would be awesome. It's not very common I have to ask for help, but it seems no one else has had this issue...


Thanks in advance,



EDIT: I just played for about an hour after replacing D3DX9_42.dll, and I had no issues. Odd how simply removing the file and replacing it later seemed to fix the issue...
Not 100% sure it's fixed, but it seems to be fine, now.


EDIT2: I just got the error again, so I thought maybe my previous solution was a temporary fix sort of thing. However, when I removed D2DX9_42.dll, for some reason Rocksmith crashed upon loading. Got the good ol' "Rocksmith.exe has stopped working" pop-up. I'm surprised this happened since this didn't occur the last time I removed the DLL.

After replacing the DLL a second time, I'm still getting the error.


EDIT3: I decided after fixing Dawn of War Soulstorm's not launching by reinstalling it, that I'd try reinstalling Rocksmith, too. I didn't want to have to do it, but it didn't take very long anyways. So far I haven't gotten the memory error again, after playing for almost an hour and only playing CDLC songs.


TL;DR: My computer was telling me after a bit of playing that I'm low on memory, I tried reinstalling the game, and so far the issue is resolved. Will update later if it happens again.

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I had the same problem, memory error (but mine caused my computer to crash). And replacing the dll file works until I restart the computer. 

Rocksmith is running all through the virtual memory (task manager should be able to tell you), but the memory its allocating isn't associated with Rocksmith itself. I had increased this to huge numbers but it still hit eventually, and every time I close Rocksmith after it was still using most of the virtual memory. Suggesting some kind of memory leak.


windows 10 and ~350 cldc.

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