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Line6 HD500x (editor) buzzing when connected to USB (ground loop)..


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I've always had an issue when connected to my HD500x from my laptop (via USB) when it's plugged into my amp.. Basically, there's a lot of background noise.


Just thought I'd share a simple fix..  Works for me anyway..


Get an old USB cable and strip away about 1/2 inch of cable in the middle of the cable.

carefully loosen the shielding and see if you can find a black cable.

Snip the black cable and using electrical insulation tape, wrap it back up again - ensuring the black cable ends are insulated from each other and from the shielding.

Optional - Get a small piece of tinfoil (2cm * 4cm approx) and wrap around the new insulated cable/shielding, then wrap around the tinfoil with insulating tape..


Job done.. Much reduced 'noise' if you've done it right.

As you're chopping the ground cable there may be other issues with data rates etc (who cares), though I wouldn't use this modified cable for anything other than your HD500...

Of course I hold no responsibility to damage to anything. Do so at your own risk..

Works for me though..  :)

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Odd.. Was fine the other day.. For some reason, I'm now finding that if you hold the USB cable at the back of the HD500 and move it gently, the hiss comes back.


I think, despite snipping the cable, the problem is when the outside of the USB plug touches the chrome around the USB plug on the HD500. A bit of insulating tape (or sellotape) around the outside of the USB plug (to stop it contacting) and noise is gone.. Of course, you can still download and upload your presets.


Wish I had noticed this before!  My bad! :)



edit.. When I say it's gone, I mean TOTALLY gone.. It's damn near perfect!  :D

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