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Hello - Got a few years worth of original writings coming over



Hi. A very few of you may know me, a majority may not. I dunno. My name is Kyle Abent. I've been apart of the rocksmith custom song project since the very beggining of it back in 2012 when the project first began on a reddit thread on /r/rocksmithcustomsongs. From there it took to google groups, and then to smithy anvil, and I guess to here.


I've kind of abonded the aspect of the community part of the mod. Shunned myself away and purely focused on the potential that the tools offered. So ever since then I've been writing original songs into rocksmith.



Basically I learned how to remix songs through guitar pro and then phased into original writings, to date i'm writing 4 track guitar songs in average length of 3-5 mins. But I have many tracks spanning differences such as 3 guitar 15 mins long (45 all three in length). With variances of tempos, time signatures, tunings, pedals, tones, etc.



Last may and ever since I've attempted to log everything over at /r/rocksmithcustomsongs with a video(or audio) preview of what to expect along with a .dat download for RS2012.


For whatever reason I refused to particpate with 2014 and the updated tools. Standing by that only the very basic of tools are needed and all the focus should go on the music. Which I still stand by today, Except I'd like to announce that as of today, or next week, or this entire duration of summer really. That i'd like to import all of my years worth of writing custom songs with guitar pro into 2014, with dynamic difficulty, phrases, maybe or maybe not pedals, to share.



For the longest time I would just pickup the guitar, transcribe what I play into guitar pro, convert that into rocksmith, and record my results onto youtube/and/or soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/kyle-abent)



TL;DR - Been writing original songs since 2012 with rocksmith 2012 and shunned away from the community. Am now ready to start bringing those into rocksmith 2014 with high standards to share with anyone interested.






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