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i started creating some classic Deathmetal tracks and will try to bring some more in the future..


Mainly old stuff from the '90s...maybe a few more modern tunes... let's see.


For now, i created content from


At The Gates

Bolt Thrower











Planning to do more.... .

Depending on the tabs i find..



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Thank's for the comment. I'm pretty new to the cdlc-creation-thing... i started about a week ago, maybe you can give me some hints?!

 'put in your cdlc tones' ? in the track or here in the form?


The guitar-tones i added were mainly (..or only?!... i had different versions so i can't really tell right now) from cemetary gates...

and i thought that this wouldn't be a 'custom-tone' as asked in the form.. so i left it on 'no' .
Or did i forget to import tones on one of the dlc?

Should i click 'yes', even if it's not a 'custom-made-tone' ?


Regarding Riff-Repeater, i thought it would be working automatically somehow..

i tried the 'at the gates track' a few times and RR did work.

But I did not set any special Options for RR in EOF, so i didn't know if i should click on the 'RR YES' Option... because i didn't do anything special about it....


But i will add DD to all of the tracks in the next few days....

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I hope you did right beatmap for start.

For working RR need put section in EOF, select beat on beatmap and press shift+S, check option there also add Phrase. Scroll all song and put sections through a song, at least set on intro, verse, chorus, solo, outro. Would be more good if you loomk on learning video about creation cdlc. For have not issue with RR all notes need "Resnap" to grid, an example setup grid to 1/32 in EOF.

Phrases and section it is different things. Sections for RR, phrases for DD, phrases possbile to put  automacally in RS toolkit via DD creation.

I not tested yet any your cdlc so as i`m avoid unfinished cdlc, without tones and working RR. I look on record page and see all cdlc setted "no tones", " no RR", so i until  pass.

For tones easy way, you can import from other cdlc, via RS toolkit, rename, and assign to chart. There too is tutor video and topic about creation tones. Please dont be lazy, look all :) It is not so hard as seems in start.

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so the Unleashed track is ok... RR and DD are working.. also Tone.

At the Gates track has no DD, but should have everything else needed.


the other two just have tones.. no RR and no DD...  i'll edit them soon...



but i need to finish the carcass-track first..

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I tested  The Unleashed, tone enough good. RR work, but you make there only a few sections, and solo part have not any sections (it simple half of the song), would be good have at least yet  2 section for solo, and separate of  2 big sections with riffs at 4 parts.


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added Carcass yesterday... lots of sections in there... but not as i planned.

i added a few with 'shift-s' in EoF, but i could'nt see any 'markers' for them... neither in Eof, nor in Rocksmith.

anyway... it seems to work, but is quite heavy to learn, as there are LOTS of notes to be displayed...


i think i'll do something slower/easier next...

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thanks again... :)


i'll try to get better with every cdlc i create... your hints help a lot..



next up will be a song from a band starting with e... as i plan to to an a-z list :D


so maybe entombed... or edge of sanity...

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Kein Problem :D das englisch is schon okay.. Keine sorge.. Ich werd mal zusehen was ich hinbekomme.. Manchmal ist das - je nach Stück - sehr langwierig .. An manchen tracks hab ich locker 8 Stunden am Stück gewerkelt bis es gepasst hat. Morgoth zB steht aber definitiv auf'm plan. ^^ Mal sehen wie und wann ich wieder Zeit finde..

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Raw Version of Entombed - Stranger Aeons... If anyone would like to try.... untested yet, rhythmguitar only..







nah... not good yet. Music not loud enough, no RR, Scrolling too fast...  


new version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qyjazqcgp43lele/Entombed_Stranger-Aeons_v3_p.psarc?dl=0

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