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Xbox360 - what have you tried



Hey guys, I'm new here and I've scanned through all the forums. All I found was people asking for how to make CDLC work on a xbox 360.


Just wondering and trying to get a real work going on here: What have you guys tried to make it work?


If we could get our efforts together, we might find a way to make it work and I think this would benefits each of us that want to play CDLC on xbox 360.


Please note : I'm not talking about modded 360 here. 


I've got a couple of things I'm going to try and post results here. My goal is to make it work without a modded console (since mine isnt and i'm not interested in it). Plan B is to get a PC to run Rocksmith but my current setup is Xbox 360.



The main idea is to find a way to access and modify files on the xbox360 HDD. 

I'll try a couple a software I've found while searching the internet and see if I can make it work.

I'll try transfer cable and ftp to the xbox.


So, guys, if you've tried anything and it doesn't work, post it here, we'll see if it is a absolute necessity to have a modded 360.

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here what I tried and the results


Things I used:

Data transfer cable for X360

Cherub Rock DLC


First, I bought Cherub rock DLC on xbl marketplace.


Then I disconnected the HD from the xbox, plugged it with the data transfer cable on my laptop.


Opened Velocity, went to the Rocksmith 2014 content, and added a custom DLC (tried with 3 songs)


Then clicked Harsh/resign 


Closed everything, put back the HD into X360.


Opened Rocksmith and... the songs don't show up in learn a song or Score attack mode.


Went back to dashboard, memory, and the songs are there (on my HD), but they only don't show up into RS.



This is were I am. 


As I'm new to this, I'm just gathering information across Internet and the multiple forums. 


I'll try other things tonite (backup the DLC on my laptop, add the song, reharsh/resign and inject back on the HD) 


If anyone think of a any steps I forgot, please let me know.



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