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cannot tune to B standard or lower on my bass

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i'm having an issue with rocksmith 2014, it's doing it on the ps3 version and the PC one. for some reason, it won't tune down to B standard or lower but i tried it on my actual tuner and it worked but for some reason it wont work on rocksmith. does it have something to do with the CDLC? any help would be great! thanks!

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Thanks for the help! I've been looking for a fix for a while now and this worked! With a few songs though, it'll say that the fix was already applied but it still doesn't work, I'm not sure why it does that but at least most of the songs work


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Thread nekro!


I'm having problems tuning my B string as well.

In the tuner, the closest I can get is +3, any closer and it goes to +999. It's all over the place. My B is a 130.

I can't play any 5 string CDLC.

Any suggestions?




Ubi REALLY needs to fix this crap.

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Which cdlc did you try? Is the A at A220 for those that you did try?

I'd have to check, but I tried several different CDLC with the same result. I'm not sure about the A being at A220; would that be something I'd have to dig into the file to find out? All I know is that they tend to be labled custom tuning and the tuning is BEADG.



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if the A is at 440 it will never work no matter what since it's a problem inside the recognition system of Rocksmith that causes this. The only way to make it work is to applu the bass tuning fix available in the toolkit, you should also contact the author with a link to the bass fix : http://customsforge.com/topic/5227-5-strings-bass-and-low-note-recognition/

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