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  1. (Unofficial) RockSniffer GUI [Download] What's this all about then? Hey, folks. I'm sometimes interested in tracking stats for the games I play, especially for long-term improvement tracking. I used RockSniffer for a couple of days and appreciated seeing some stats, but in the basic version, it's not too useful to just keep peeping on some text files from the output folder. There seem to be some browser addons, but documentation is a bit scant, and I wanted a programming project anyway, so... ... I've made a front-end for RockSniffer called, unoriginally, (Unofficial) RockSniffer GUI. It has windows to show what's being played right now, with quality statistics so you can see how you're doing during the song, a play history window to show all songs you've played with the same hit/miss/streak/accuracy stats, and a graph window to show your progress graphically. See screenshots at the bottom of this post. -- (2/18/2021: Edited to add version 0.4.0 with song graphs, song sections, and play history song details) Click the "Song Graphs" button in the main window to show the new graph window of song accuracies. Double click a song in the play history to see history for only that song. (2/8/2021: Edited to add version 0.3.0a to fix a startup issue) To my horror, I re-tested the startup sequence where I started URSG first and the game second, and got a crash! I made an easy fix and updated to v0.3.0a. Links have been updated with the new version. (2/7/2021: Edited to add version 0.3.0 with the game overlay) Click the "Toggle Overlay" button in the main window to show the overlay window and drag with the left mouse button into place. Click the toggle button again to hide it. The overlay uses the same displays as the main window, but side-by-side so it fits on the screen a little better. See the screenshot below for an example of how it looks. Downloading URSG v0.4.0 Direct Download Everything's up on GitHub at https://github.com/hunterpankey/RockSnifferGui, where you can download the binaries and try it out, or feel free to clone up the repo and poke at it! So I'd love it if some folks took it out for a test drive and gave me some feedback. Feel free to create an issue or feature request at https://github.com/hunterpankey/RockSnifferGui/issues, or just reply to this post or something like that. Usage Just unzip the thing to a folder somewhere and run RockSnifferGui.exe from there. It'll scan your song library and create its internal database with all the song data. Launch the game and start playing a song, and you'll see the display look something like the below screenshot. As you play songs, they'll fill up the Play History Window. Click on the "Play History" button at the top of the main screen to open it. Double click a song to filter by that song. Click the "Overlay" button to show an overlay suitable for streaming. Click the "Song Graphs" button to show a line chart of your song plays, scaled for difficulty. OK, have fun!! Main Window Play History Window Song Detail Stats Game Overlay Window Song Sections Song Graphs
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