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Found 6 results

  1. So as the topic suggests this thread will be about how to get the best out of your guitar playing experience while using Rocksmith 2014. Rocksmith has a number of tunings that are available for many songs especially with all the customs out there. However unless you have the appropriate strings on your guitar you may experience a lot of note recognition problems. I was going to write a long out post but instead I found mostly what I was looking for with a google search. This Link in detail (and much better than I would be able to) how to take care of your strings and how to choose which strings are best for you. For Rocksmith if you tend to play songs in low tunings you will most likely be forced to change your strings to a heavier gauge string because of the recognition issues. Tunings like Drop D and C Standard or D Standard will cause you many recognition problems if you are using standard .09 - .46 gauge strings. For these tunings it is recommended that you use either .10(.11) - .52(.56) or heavier gauge strings. The following links which were provided by @ are great videos with explanations on how to setup a guitar. Everyone should watch them and read the article I linked as it has some great information available. String Tension (D’Addario recommended) After replacing strings to a thicker (or thinner) need to do: 1. Setting Up Your Stratocaster Guitar: Adjusting The Truss Rod 2. Setting Up Your Stratocaster Guitar: Bridge Action Height Adjustment 3. Setting Up Your Stratocaster Guitar: Nut Action height Adjustment 4. Setting Up Your Stratocaster Guitar: Intonation Adjustment How To Set up a Strat Floating Tremolo | Two Pivots Tremolo | Whammy Bar For Russian good video - full setup up guitar Also for those who are much more knowledgeable about this please feel free to add to this thread. You all may post links or articles which have more detailed information or post your own comments as well.
  2. Hi fam 1)Do you use 'flat tops' or flatwound strings? Is it worth it? They seem like a bit overpriced the cheapest I've seen is about 10€ for flat tops 2) Which nice hybrid picking songs and artists do you recommend? I'm trying to get past the absolute newbie level of course if there is cdlc the merrier D: Thanks in advance
  3. So whenever I touch the strings I hear a horrible buzzing sound and it doesn't matter where on the strings I touch, I've calibrated and it does nothing. The game used to run fine and one day I just turn it on and I get annoying buzzing sound. All my knobs are maxed which was never a problem, now I have to lower the volume a little and it goes away, however the notes sound terrible when I play and then note detection fails at times when I lower the volume. This is all when I'm in Treble, which again was never a problem, when I switch to Rhythm it goes away...even at max volume but the sound is pretty bad. My rocksmith configuration file is default I've changed nothing, it's what the game came with. My graphics are set to custom with almost everything off. My strings are brand new straight from the shop, for I thought it was the strings that were causing the problem but obviously not. Could you please shed some light... :c
  4. Does anybody know of a good tone setup to emulate a violin or cello? I've played around in the tone creator, but I can never quite get it. Any help would be appreciated :)
  5. Hi all, I recently charted a song that is played on a tenor guitar. A tenor guitar only has 4 strings. To tune a standard guitar to match a tenor, you need to tune only the top 4 strings, the ones normally tuned to DGBe. The custom tuning to match a tenor guitar is in 5ths: AEBF#, respectfully on those strings. And then capo to the third fret. When you set the number of strings in EOF to 4, it colours them red-yellow-blue-orange. I thought this may be confusing, since in the song I charted you will be playing on the strings that are normally blue-orange-green-purple. So, I left the bottom two strings. Is there a better way to manage this, or some way to tell EOF to colour the strings differently? Thank you for your help on this.
  6. Lately, I've been unable to both play and test songs in RS2014 on bass, because out of nowhere a few days ago, my bass strings started acting up. Basically, when I strum a string (fingered or picked), it will make a muted, twang-y sound that quickly fades away, though it still makes normal, solid and lasting notes when I strum while holding down on a fret. Unfortunately, this makes traditional tuning pretty much impossible. I posted about this on another forum and was told that this likely has to do with how the strings are arranged in the nuts on the headstock, and I've spent a while attempting to properly restring that part, despite having no idea how to go about the proper way since I'm still generally a novice, and I've already broken 2 or 3 strings in the process and am out of spares. Does anyone have any advice for this? I've included a picture of the headstock and nuts if that helps. http://i.imgur.com/A6gvU05.jpg
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