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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! Due to me recently trying to learn to play the guitar while using Rocksmith. I stumbled upon Custom Forge and it's Ignition4 Search which made it nicer to learn to play guitar with the songs i like. Obviously, like many of us there aren't all the songs that i like, which is why i decided to take on the challenge of creating my own CDLC and also to share them once they are finished and good enough! But, as i started today, having downloaded all the softwares needed to do so except for Wwise 2013 version which is available on the website in the tutorial section but that doesn't want to work for me saying that "it couldn't start" and i don't really know why, so if someone can help me with that i would be really glad! I'll try to download the 2021 version later during the day to see if it works though. On another note, i would really welcome all the advice that you guys could give me! In fact, i have a few questions that if someone who find and read this could answer : 1st : Is the default tone on the RStoolkit good? and if it's better to have custom or re-used (such as the tones from Rocksmith) would it be better to do so? And how would i be able to create my own tones if necessary? 2nd : i use TuxGuitar as it is free, but is it similar to GuitarPro? Are there any things that i can't do on TuxGuitar that i could do with GuitarPro? 3rd : When making CDLC, what type of tabs do you use ? Do you rather go for quality ones or do you rather trust your ear? Personally i can't trust my ear i don't have enough experience for that... 4th : Editor On Fire, i honestly find it difficult even when using the "c" button which allow a sound to be heard on the note, do you guys have any advice to make it "easier"? Are there things i should learn that could be useful to use on this software? i think taking your time is key but it is sometimes neverwracking ahah 5th (and final question for now) : If there are more than 1 or 2 guitars on the TAB on your .gp what do you do? Do you add some some part to one already existing to avoid creating too many arrangements? I don't know if all of my questions will be understandable, if not do not hesitate to tell me and i'll try to write them in a more understandable way! I'm really grateful to those who will help me on those matters and give me the answers i'm seeking, Thanks in advance ! See you around UPDATE Hi Again! I have read all the responses that have been posted! Firstly, thank you guys for your honesty! Indeed i know that jumping right in the process of creating CDLC while having no or next to no knowledge of musicality and all of that and while beging a beginner is in fact going to make the task even harder and honestly it scared me at first and i have paused 2 of the 4 projects i had in mind after trying to chart them on EOF ahah. So secondly, I have decided to take one of the project that i really wanted to add to RS, that nobody ever made but which i wanted to be able to play so bad and try and chart it. For now it is going surprisingly well, BUT i have one major problem and it is that RStoolkit won't recognize the path to my Wwise and it gives me this message : If i can find a way to correct this, i will soon be able to test what i've been working on for the past 6 hours! For you to know, i have downloaded on the link in the tutorial the .rar which for me is a .zip which gave me the "WwiseLauncher" and a Bundle with "prerequisites" and i only executed the launcher, so is there a step that i missed which may cause thise problem? It is my first time installing this software, so there may be some informations that i don't have on the installation process But just as some of you said, indeed i'll try my best to keep on learning the guitar before actually putting so much work into making CDLC because it's really time consuming and tiring when you're not prepared ahah! Once again thank you all for your kindness and answers!
  2. Is there software to emulate the RS cable? I have my main PC where I prefer to build and another where I run the game. Dragging the cable back and forth is a pain. All I want to do is is test a custom file before I move if to my studio PC.
  3. Hey Guys, I already have Rocksmith 2014 for PS3 (super slim) and got it for PC since I wanted to use custom dlcs. Installation went fine, and setting the sound up as well. Just when it came to the introduction it got bad. Beginning at the Calibration there is no video like usually to show how its done. After that the Tunner doesn't show up on the next page to adjust the strings which makes to proceed impossible, My questions are: Is this a common issues in the PC version of Rocksmith 2014? And How can I resolve the Issue ? My PC System is a: Windows 7 32-Bit. SP 1. Intel Core 2 Due E6750 2.66 GHz, 4GB Ram Thanks for the help already :)
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