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Found 3 results

  1. Howdy. Simple question but I have no answer. Windows will interrupt the game for a microsecond, the cursor will appear and then it'll stutter for a small amount of time, usually really messing with my flow. Is there a way to keep windows from doing anything else or change the priority mode of Rsmith so that this doesn't occur? It doesn't happen in any other games that constantly use the mouse. It just seems that it tries to find something, forget it was playing a game and forgets to hide the cursor and then trips over its own genitals. I don't believe it's hardware System: Windows 10 Student up to date 3.5ghz i5 16gb ram installed on m.200 windows drive (possible access timing issue? but it happened on my other ssd's and sata spinners) legit copy of Rsmith 2014 Remastered I hate ubisoft with a passion and wish any other game company would come out with this product. playing with cable, will happen with solo or multiplayer using two cables. plugged into usb3 level sockets occurs about once every 7-8 minutes, in song or not. If it has happened recently, it also might not happen for a few of those cycles mentioned. What else do people need now for troubleshooting?
  2. EDIT: I decided to follow the crowd, and change this to a personal workshop page, since I've got another CDLC ready for testing already! Hey guys, I'm a new CDLC creator here, just looking for some testing on my songs, because I don't play guitar (I play bass) so it's hard for me to judge whether or not my Lead/Rhythm arrangements/tones/etc. are correct. So ANY guitarists that would like to help out and test some stuff out, I'd really appreciate the assistance! I'd also appreciate any feedback on what songs people would like for me to create! If you have a request, let me know and I might create it if I get the chance! Thanks guys! Completed - Shinedown - Save Me Job for a Cowboy - Entombment of a Machine Job for a Cowboy - Bearing the Serpent's Lamb Anata - Under Azure Skies Through the Eyes of the Dead - Force Fed Trauma Job for a Cowboy - The Rising Tide Job for a Cowboy - Suspended by the Throat Job for a Cowboy- Knee Deep Bury Your Dead - Magnolia Atreyu - Dilated Atreyu - Demonology and Heartache WIP/Current Work/Planned next song- I'm about to start work on either Atreyu's: Five Vicodin Chased with a Shot of Clarity OR Atreyu's: A Vampire's Lament Bands/Songs I want to work on- More Bury Your Dead More Atreyu -CDLC That Needs Testing!- ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here's my 2nd CDLC song, and my first from The Beatles. 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'. Right now, I'm only aware of one particular issue (one note is off during the bass arrangement). But let me know what you guys think! https://mega.co.nz/#!c9kjyLTQ KEY = 3PBWp2l1jZx7TNWiAUmRf3opi5TUq6obI1b_52X1Xr4 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My 3rd CDLC, 'Ocean Breathes Salty' by Modest Mouse! As usual, there are a few issues with the bass arrangement timing, but I'm going to fix that soon enough! Here ya go: https://mega.co.nz/#!slkSlBTR KEY = WA3HbWk3XkWTGfUzyWlp1iScmhiaUZPkN_Z7XVjn6nk ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CDLC #4! 'Bury Me With It' by Modest Mouse! Issues I'm aware of: A few times during the bass arrangement, the chart loses sync and is about a half of a second fast. As always, Guitarists, I could use your assistance (and have fun with the Rhythm arrangement lol, that tab looked insane, but then again I'm horrific at playing chords). https://mega.co.nz/#!Ahk1WAIS KEY = Tmr2G-LKuBqnRhdDD3OzYtOB_vm0rmZfnBfsIOVgQCY ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CDLC #5 'Brand New Love by Deadsy' Recommendations: The song is in Drop A tuning, so low gauge strings are recommended. Issues I'm aware of: Right now the entire bass arrangement (and probably the guitar as well) need some shifting done, as some sections of the song lose sync momentarily. https://mega.co.nz/#!R9UQCA7R KEY = ngUGfu9AAGp1HW7wnJ6t_foTSPrhnQAXbBMkoh4uDUk ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ UPDATE: I recently purchased Go PlayAlong, so hopefully the timing errors for all of these CDLC should be ironed out as fast as I can get to them! (So they can be removed from here and submitted!) I'm going to work on the few CDLC on my worklog list, and then I'll return to update all of the "demo" CDLCs uploaded here. But I hope you guys like em, and let me know what you think! I'll be eagerly awaiting your feedback!
  3. I reworked the F1 - Shortcut Keys to add "Quertz" shortcuts. I gathered ALL shortcuts, categorized to their usability. You may replace the "keys.txt" in the EOF folder with this "EOF keys.txt", to make it appear with F1 Or you may use and edit it as a standalone file, and give me recommendations. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I did this because I was anxious about what happened when I worked in EOF these last days. (Win 8.1 made an update without my consent) I felt like in the Twilight Zone :wacko: . First : the crtl shift buttons remained selected after I released them (Info Panel). Impossible to work like that. I re-installed EOF, with default preferences : no change. Solution found : Seems like EOF must now be run as administrator to avoid this. edit : run as administrator was not a final solution. "Make the keyboard easier to use" (ease of access center). Windows update somehow turned on "Toggle keys by holding down NUM Lock for 5 seconds) seems the solution Second : I could not enter a note higher than 19. Not with the Keyboard (ctrl+F9 -F12), not with the mouse wheel. A higher number in the note window changed to a muted note ! Solution found: set the fret limit in "Track>Pro guitar>Set number of frets/strings" (problem caused when I re-installed EOF) Seeking for solutions, I found more : My middle mouse button now works to open the note window (shortcut N) (in the Logitech setpoint tool, I set it to "generic Button")
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