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Found 3 results

  1. Bonjour à tous, j'ai trouvé ce site, où vous pouvez télécharger gratuitement des fichiers midi de chansons française, succès internationaux, musique de films et séries télé et plus encore ! J'ai pensé que ça en interesserai certains d'entre vous pour creer des dlc (de chansons française entre autre). Hello everyone, I found this site, where you can download free midi files of French songs, international hits, music from movies and TV series and more ! I thought it would interest some of you to create dlc (of French songs among others). Il vous suffit d'importer le fichier midi dans tuxguitar (ou guitar pro pour ceux qui l'ont) et le sauvegarder sous format gp pour pouvoir l'utiliser dans EOF Just import the midi file into tuxguitar (or guitar pro for those who have it) and save it as a gp file so you can use it in EOF Ex: Guitar Pro: Tuxguitar: Les liens: Chansons Française: http://www.blueman.name/Variete_francaise.php Succès Internationaux: http://www.blueman.name/Succes_internationaux.php Musiques de Films et Séries TV: http://www.blueman.name/Films_et_TV.php Jazz: http://www.blueman.name/Jazz.php Classique: http://www.blueman.name/Classique.php Autres: http://www.blueman.name/Creations_XG.php Links: French Songs: http://www.blueman.name/Variete_francaise.php International Succes: http://www.blueman.name/Succes_internationaux.php Movies Soundtracks and TV serie: http://www.blueman.name/Films_et_TV.php Jazz: http://www.blueman.name/Jazz.php Classic: http://www.blueman.name/Classic.php Others: http://www.blueman.name/Creations_XG.php J'espere que ça vous sera utile et que vous y trouverez votre bonheur I hope it will be useful to you and that you will find your happiness Enjoy ;)
  2. I've seen a couple posts asking this question so I thought I'd post this here. A couple easy ways to convert to gp5 from different types of files: Online converter for gpx, ptb, midi, etc (nothing to download or install): http://www.webtabplayer.com/ Directions for using Tuxguitar (needs a small add-on but very easy and Tuxguitar is free): http://www.wikihow.c...tar</span>-1.2) I've heard reports that webtabplayer.com can produce errors in conversions, but I haven't had any yet. Good luck.
  3. I happened to wonder what happens if I attempted to use a midi controller instead of a guitar-like instrument. (think left of hand of piano as playing similar tones as bass) Previously I had updated the my settings to allow the use of an Apogee Jam rather than the Realtone cable and had much success with this method via Aggregate Device Settings on OSX...This is a simple preference update, no kludge. (though you need to understand the frequency range you are operating in or suddenly out of range notes are not detected). However when I look at the Audio Devices window in Audio Midi Setup, I can't see my midi controller (as an Audio Device), though it is present in the Midi Devices window. This seems to mean that I can't add the midi controller to a new Aggregate (Audio) Device. I'll call this Problem #1. If I could get past problem #1, I think it would expose Problem #2, being... I suspect there is a gap between what the midi controller outputs and the input expected. Typically to use the midi controller, software is required to determine which frequency the midi controller is currently mimicking and that RS2014 does not fulfil this role. (or perhaps if you specified the frequency range tightly/accurately enough the low value corresponds to C if your midi controller's lowest note is C)....enhancement request for Ubisoft perhaps? I'm not sure of how easily we transpose tab to keyboard, seems like it could be confusing to translate tab back to note and there's a limitation regarding the number of keys the midi controller has, particularly if you're using a microkey device with much fewer keys than normal keyboard. Perhaps I should email Neil Young requesting an update to Crime in the City for the Rocksmith generation. "No vocal, no song, no audio device, no midi output processing, possibly missing keys". Anyone else tried the midi path, or similar lunacy and care to share their insights?
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