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Found 5 results

  1. im trying to figure out how to do custom tuning editor on the tool kit, what does it mean by -2, -1, 0, 1 etc..? im trying to get it to this tuning : A# F A# D# G C how would i go about doing this? thanks in advance.
  2. Hello everyone. I have a small problem with my guitar. I have a Fender Stratocaster with Fender 250L strings. It's the one made is Mexico (unfortunately I cannot afford the US ones), and when I retune my guitar, I have to do it several times until the new tuning is right, so switching from one tuning to another is very very annoying. Maybe the strings are not the best but as I am a novice I just went in the shop and asked the people in there to recommend me the best ones. So, everyone has the same problem, should I try to use first an external tuner of is there an autotuning option in Rocksmith so that I do not have to retune the strings? This makes it almost impossible for me to try and play songs with other tunings and every time I switch I spent an awful lot of time to adjust the strings properly. Thank you in advance, looking forward for positive advice :) Calin
  3. Hi all, I recently charted a song that is played on a tenor guitar. A tenor guitar only has 4 strings. To tune a standard guitar to match a tenor, you need to tune only the top 4 strings, the ones normally tuned to DGBe. The custom tuning to match a tenor guitar is in 5ths: AEBF#, respectfully on those strings. And then capo to the third fret. When you set the number of strings in EOF to 4, it colours them red-yellow-blue-orange. I thought this may be confusing, since in the song I charted you will be playing on the strings that are normally blue-orange-green-purple. So, I left the bottom two strings. Is there a better way to manage this, or some way to tell EOF to colour the strings differently? Thank you for your help on this.
  4. So ive gotten passed my problem with the xml, now i need different arrangement tunings.. i looked at another topic with a similiar problem in this forum but it didn't help. I need my lead to be a custom tuning, rhythm Drop D tuning, and bass Drop D, when i set lead to a custom tuning it sets all my arrangements (even bass) as custom tuning. I need it specifically for lead but i don't know how this works. I've gone to EOF already and changed each tuning to what i wanted them to be but it doesn't make any difference. Really need some help
  5. im not too sure if theres been a topic pinned for this already, i couldnt find one but itd be really good if someone could help with what all the tunings and number correspond to eachother! im personally trying to get AEADGB but keep getting AEADF#B with -7,-5,-5,-5,-5,-5.
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