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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to download and play music on my MAC Locksmith 2014. Its very difficult. I have watched plenty of youtube but I'm missing a step but don't know what. Can someone help please?
  2. Hey all- I have been playing RS1/RS2014 for a few years now. It has helped to increase speed with scales, chord changes, and tempo. It has helped to replace a metronome while learning songs. I had reached a plateau on the game for a while, but then found cdlc. I am now armed with a nice collection of every song that ive ever wanted to play! (thanks charters!) I am having issues though. RS2014 is running on a Macbook pro (mid 2010). I have (tediously) examined every downloaded CDLC to make sure all tracks load properly. All tracks were grouped alphabetically and then loaded into the dlc/ folder by chunks. So i would test A-F, before testing the G-L group. Then I would proceed to M-O, etc. I have removed all tracks that would not show the guitar neck or note highway. I thought this process would fix the loading issues (post tuning), but it has not. When all songs are loaded into the dlc directory, rocksmith semi-freezes, with only the speaker cabinets animating when the guitar is used. Anytime the dlc directory is populated with over 300 songs at any given time, all tracks seem to freeze in this same way. Is it possible that two tracks are conflicting and causing ALL songs to load improperly? I have checked for duplicates, and only found the same titles (in different formats, _m/_p) from purchased dlcs (about 40 or so). I also have Cherub, purchased songs, and the rs1 compatibility files in the dlc/ directory. Is there a limit to how many tracks can be loaded into the dlc/ directory at the same time on a mac? In the past week, i have upgraded the Apple's memory to 8GB, replaced the HDD for a SSD, and have upgraded the OS to the current Yosemite beta. Looking into mem/top,etc, the system looks to be running as expected. Any help is appreciated. thanks,
  3. Hi there, sorry if probably I open a new topic on an already discussed problem, but I didn't find a solution to my problem. I have rocksmith 2014 and I tried to install CDLC on my mac. I succeed in obtaining the song in the song list, when I start the song, I am asked to tune my guitar, and everithing seems to start, but I remain with the image of a room with a carpet on the floor. I can ply the guitar and I hear the sound, but I'm not able to exit from that place. I need to terminate the game and restart. Obviously everithing works fine with my DLC. I use the tool to insert the ID from a DLC I purchased (Iron Maiden - Fear of the dark), the I converted with the tool the PC version to the MAC version. What did I wrong? Please help me. Andrea
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