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  1. Hi Everyone, Im having problems launching my Locksmith Song Tool Kit after updating my Mac. The error reads: "Must use Mono Frame 2.8 or higher" Ever since then I can't translate PC to Mac Can anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Hi Does anyone knows anything about the Mono frame 2.4 upgrade? It directs me to download it but I still can't open Rocksmith Custom Tool Kit. Am I missing something? Appreciate your comments :>
  3. I live in Orange County California . I have noticed there are lots more selection with PC than Mac. I'm looking for pink Floyd songs especially dark side of the moon. I'm willing to pay $200 cash for anyone that can take a brand new PC laptop and put a bunch of dlcs that I like into it. I'm not too good with PC. If anyone needs to make money and help out a rocksmither let me know.
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to download and play music on my MAC Locksmith 2014. Its very difficult. I have watched plenty of youtube but I'm missing a step but don't know what. Can someone help please?
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