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  1. This is a huge genre, so I'll be sure to miss some bands. To start with, I'm just going to post some of the bands that have highly rated albums on progarchives and rateyourmusic. If there are any that you feel deserve to be here, let me know and I'll update the list. If you have any suggestions on how to group things, they'd be appreciated. Also, if you update any progressive rock CDLC, it might make sense to link to this post so users can more easily find other prog rock that isn't on the front page. Notable charters @@Liquidlizard, @@dreddfoxx, @@Aludog, @@bernixix, @@solservo, @@RufusDelta, @@BHMath, @@albatross213, @@Deratio, @@icaroonofre, @@PC Plum, @@Sharris, @@joe21121, @@TheBestAlex... The band list: Anathema (2 songs) The Aristocrats (3 songs, lead only) Camel (2 songs) Chris Squire (1 song) Electric Light Orchestra (8 songs) Emerson, Lake & Palmer (6 songs, Ignition seems to glitch out trying to link to them. Perhaps the "&" is causing problems?) Frank Zappa (9 songs) Focus (2 songs, with one official) Frost* (2 song) Gazpacho (1 song) Genesis (18 songs) Gentle Giant (6 songs) Guthrie Govan (4 songs) Jethro Tull (16 songs) Kansas (4 songs) Kate Bush (5 songs) King Crimson (5 songs) Magma (1 song) Manfred Mann's Earth Band (1 song) Marillion (4 songs) The Mars Volta (7 songs) Mike Oldfield (4 songs) The Moody Blues (1 song) Neal Morse (1 song) Opeth (6 on Damnation, 6 on Heritage, 4 on Pale Communion) Ozric Tentacles (2 songs, both bass only) Pink Floyd (74 songs) Peter Gabriel (2 songs) Porcupine Tree (12 songs) Procol Harum (1 song) Riverside (14 songs) Rush (112 songs) Steven Wilson (7 songs) Supertramp (8 songs) Traffic (1 song) Tricot (1 song) Uriah Heep (7 songs) Van der Graaf Generator (2 songs) Wishbone Ash (3 songs) Yes (16 songs) Charter Inspiration List (a.k.a. bands that have tabs that we should have more of) Al di Meola (30+ tabs) Anathema (30+ tabs) Anglagard (7 tabs) Arena (3 tabs) Beardfish (5 tabs) Caravan (7 tabs) Camel (34 tabs) Can (7 tabs) Cardiacs (13 tabs) Emerson, Lake & Palmer (25+ tabs) Eloy (2 tabs) Frank Zappa (50+ tabs) Focus (14 tabs) The Gathering (14 tabs) Genesis (50+ tabs) Gentle Giant (25 tabs) Goblin (5 tabs) Invisible (2 tabs, plus lots of text tabs) Kansas (13 tabs) Kate Bush (15 songs) King Crimson (50+ tabs) Le Orme (4 tabs) Mahavishnu Orchestra (13 tabs) Marillion (~25 tabs) Mike Oldfield (30+ tabs) Motorpsycho (2 tabs) Neal Morse (13 tabs) The Moody Blues (~15 tabs) Pat Metheny (30+ tabs) Premiata Forneria Marconi (5 tabs) Phideaux (4 tabs) Phoenix (13 tabs) Soft Machine (4 tabs) Spock's Beard (12 tabs) Steve Hackett (~20 tabs) Steve Howe (~20 tabs) T2 (3 songs) Traffic (5 tabs) Transatlantic (2 tabs) Wishbone Ash (13 songs) Any bands that I missed? Any bands that you'd like to see that have GP or PowerTab files available but don't have songs on here? Edit: Added a new section for bands that I think we should and could have more of (provided the tabs don't suck).
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