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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I'd like to start off by thanking everybody on this community that I have had the pleasure of working on songs with since the beginning of this site and on the previous one that went down which I can't remember the name of at this moment. It's been a long time since this website has launched and it's great to see how far it's come and I hope for it to improve in the future as well with more members joining everyday. I have always had issues with this game even though I stand at 1013 hours on steam playing this game and it's largely due to the fact of developers not pushing updates for the faulty things in the game. Having two jobs and now starting my bachelors I don't have the time nor any drive to continue making customs for this (insert colorful language here) game. With all that being said I would like to give back in what little way I can and offer all of my customs in eof form so that you may make changes to them and update them to make them better. Some of them are as good as they are going to get but others do need some changes to them and I'm sure there are many of you out there with the skill to make that happen. In these files there will also be some that are collaborative work and some that are unreleased for one reason or another. Some of them are complete but need a certain tweak for them to be finished and the last song I was going to do is in there as well (Relient K - This Week The Trend) and it saddens me that I will not be able to finish it but I was able to chart the notes all that needs to be done is lyrics and some changes to the tabs if needed along with the tones of course. Included will also be a master list of tones from which you can get perfect sounding tones if you aren't too familiar with making them yourself but in case you aren't this is a great tool for knowing how tones work when you go into the editor and see for yourself. I will still be within reach should you have some questions or concerns regarding these songs or anything else that may come up in case there is another Rocksmith that comes out I will be there to make customs don't think I'm that crazy! xD I used to stream this on twitch should you want to get a hold of me there or other direct means which I will list down below including my youtube where you can find all the play throughs of the songs that I've done also showing off the great work others in this community have done. Since files of customs aren't allowed if you want to re do one just shoot me an amail and I will get back to you with the folder and everything that you will need to do so. http://www.mediafire.com/folder/55bihg598996a/Tones_Master_List Best wishes, farewell, goodbye mates <3 Email: huggiebear724@aol.com Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd9r-o0geG0gHvboKrSxdfw Twitch
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