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Found 1 result

  1. The Riverside and Ozric Tentacles songs have been published, so all that's left for now is Atheist - Mother Man, a technical monster, on bass. I'll be working on getting that ready for guitar, as well as a few other songs, but I wouldn't expect much else to show up here for at least a few days (say, July 15th at the earliest). Peace! Atheist - Mother Man (technical death metal, LRB) Played through, so you can see what it's like without having to experience it yourself. Sync might still be a bit off in places, as this is by far the hardest song I've tried to sync. I'm not sure if any other songs uploaded thus far have two-handed chord tapping (and if they do, certainly not on bass!), so figuring out what to do with that was a little complicated. The bass part is definitely not quite right (missing a couple of measures at one point, and the real tapping section is more complicated than what's tabbed), but I think it's pretty close to release ready. Rush - The Anarchist (B only, not terribly difficult except for the pre-verse fills). There's also a GP tab if you want to do corrections (or add the guitar tab). Here's a video of me playing it. There will probably be changes to the tab so I haven't done touch-ups to sustains and slides and that kind of thing. That said, there are a few things that I definitely need help with. -It sounds like there's a little fill before some of the choruses, but I'm not sure exactly what it is. -There's also a section during the solo (specifically 5:22-5:30) where the bass tab said to repeat the stuff on the A string 4 times, but it doesn't fit into the measures and I'm also not sure it sounds right. -----Lastly, while I used the bass tone from Headlong Flight, it doesn't sound nearly meaty enough for this song from the same album. Does anyone have suggestions for tones? Opeth - Deliverance (LRB) .psarc and .GP used.I hadn't made all the changes in the .GP before making the .psarc (most notably in the "Walk with me / You'll never leave..." verses), but otherwise I think this one might be pretty close. Tones taken from @@bernixix's Bleak, which are good tones and on the previous album, so hopefully they work pretty well. Might want to tweak some sustains and such in the outro, but otherwise I think things look pretty good on bass. Graveyard songs - Not sure this really fits in here, but I'm working on a few songs of theirs, and while the guitar parts seem pretty good, the bass is... pretty terrible. I'm looking for someone with a better ear than me to help finish up the GP edits for the bass parts on them. Buying Truth (Tack and Forlat) - Once I fixed the rhythm of the verse riff (seriously), this one seemed pretty good. Main things that seemed wrong are various fills in measures 23-26 and 53-56 that I left blank for the moment. No Good, Mr. Holden - Measure 2 sounds like it has something extra near/in between the 8s. Fills in measure 6 and related measures (right after the "quarter note") are missing. I also think these measures have more repeated notes in the tab than are actually played. I can probably figure these out myself given time. The high parts in measures 17-18 and related measures are wrong. Some later parts have different "fills" there, and those seem better. Ain't Fit to Live Here - I wish I could say I was confident about any part of this tab. I've changed the verse to match the guitar parts, but I'm not entirely sure about it (it sounds a bit high, maybe? But probably not an octave). Started to change the choruses over, but wasn't really sure it fit. Not really sure about the part between the no-guitar bit and the last verse either. I guess I lied earlier - I am confident about the no-guitar bit. How do all of these tabs have 5 star ratings from numerous voters? Thanks for taking the time to check these out and giving me your feedback!
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