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  1. jamtrackcentral.com is a website that not only offers jam tracks but also lead guitar recordings by an expanding roster of high profile guitarists. A lot of the material seems to be improvised by the players on the spot but there's certainly a few artists who also prepare some building blocks before actually recording their material. Either way, these tracks are a great opportunity to learn from fantastic guitar players around the world and to improve your lead guitar playing and soloing skills. Most of the material is suited for intermediate to advanced players but a handful of artists also offer tracks for novices. This thread will be a place to collect all tracks on CF that are available from JTC and can also serve as a platform for discussion about everything related to the website and their artists, as well as coordinating a possible JTC custom creation project. One of the things that I'm not sure about listing yet, is those JTC releases that present albums of their artists with full or partial transcriptions (like the ones that are already available from Guthrie Govan, i.e.), because they were not specifically produced for JTC and are not intended as learning material. It seems more reasonable to treat those as regular releases but I'm willing to discuss this. The list will be ordered alphabetically by the artists last name and also contain the name of the pack it belongs to, as well as the genre and difficulty information one can find on the website. It's split into three categories: tracks that are already released on CF and can be downloaded; tracks that are already in the process of being made into customs; tracks that are only planned and therefore reserved by a specific charter. Released will have links to the database entries and the name of the charter; WIP and Planned will also have the charters name, so all projects can be immediately associated with the appropriate person. Released: Cyrka, Jan - From Your Lips Charter: @PC Plum Pack: From Your Lips Genre: Rock Difficulty: Intermediate Cyrka, Jan - In The End Charter: @PC Plum Pack: In The End Genre: Rock Difficulty: Intermediate Hutchings, Alex - Summer Of Love Charter: @DanPro777 Pack: Custom Fusion Series 1 Genre: Fusion Difficulty: Advanced Ilett, Denny - Short Skirt Blues Charter: @PC Plum Pack: Jazzin The Blues Genre: Blues Difficulty: Intermediate Lockwood, Dave - All The Way Down Charter: @Aludog Pack: Blues Variations Genre: Blues Difficulty: Novice Lockwood, Dave - Always And Forever Charter: @Aludog Pack: Moody Blues Genre: Blues Difficulty: Novice Thammarat, Jack - Gliding Charter: @Aludog Pack: Smooth Ballads Genre: Rock Difficulty: Intermediate Thammarat, Jack - Morning Jam Charter: @PC Plum Pack: Morning Jam Genre: Rock Difficulty: Intermediate Thammarat, Jack - On The Way Charter: @PC Plum Pack: On The Way Genre: Rock Difficulty: Intermediate Willson, Jack - Misfits Charter: @Aludog Pack: Melodic Horizons Genre: Rock Difficulty: Advanced Wylde, Zakk - Farewell Ballad Charter: @Alex360 Pack: From The Vault Genre: Rock Difficulty: Advanced WIP: Planned: Lockwood, Dave - Moody Blues Pack Charter: @Aludog Genre: Blues Difficulty: Novice Lockwood, Dave - Blues Variations Pack Charter: @Aludog Genre: Blues Difficulty: Novice Lockwood, Dave - Smooth Grooves Pack Charter: @Aludog Genre: Fusion Difficulty: Novice
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