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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone :), I'm having some trouble trying to phrasing and setting the fret hand position in my CDLC: 1) When setting the fret hand position I select the note and press Shif+F and the i write down the fret number (i assumed the number correspond to the index placement) but when i change the fret hand potion on the following note it over-writes the previous. What am i doing wrong? Also, is therethe possibility to have a note standing outside the 4 fret hand "rails" (i would like to have a note sliding in the fret hand rails from outisde)? 2) I have also a problem with phrasing, as far as i understand you have to select the fisrt note of a phrase and then doing Beat>Rocksmith>PlaceRsPhrase (or doinf Shift+P) and naming it. I tried and i kinda worked but when i go to name the next section it overwtrite the previous (i name the first phrase intro, the i select hte first note of the next frase and i name i verse but it simply change the name of the first)http://s29.postimg.org/nvy7zmchj/phrasing.png Here is a screenshot, the arrow points to the note i select to create the first phrase, the first note of the next phrase is out of the vision on teh far right. Also, I don't understand in general the difference between phrases and segments and how they work. The last thing is, once i declared a section, is there a way to make it repeat without copy paste it? (it would be nice because you wouldn't have to replace it everywhere after modifications) Thanks!
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