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  1. Bookmark this post link to quickly find the latest toolkit beta and revision description and instructions. The latest toolkit beta version can be found here. The 100% Bug Fix is up and working along with a bulk CLI tool to remaster your entire CDLC collection. Follow the link above to download the latest beta release of the toolkit. Additional revision notes can be found on Github. Toolkit 100% Bug Fix #9 revisions: Fixed beta updater issue.If DD is already present in an arrangement then the 'CDLC Creator' will not overwrite the existing DD even if the 'Auto Generate DD' checkbox is checked in 'General Config'. Feature added for charters who add DD in EOF.Testing new Merge method for when xml config files have new or different elements. Please report any issues observes with the 'General Config' tab or the 'RocksmithToolkitLib.Config.xml' to developers.Add CLI argument [-log] [directory path] to allow for setting custom path for (org), (cor), and (log) files. CLI remastered.exe revisions: Add CLI argument [-log] [directory path] to allow for setting custom path for (org), (cor), and (log) files. Toolkit usage to remaster CDLC one at a time (bulk remastering is covered in Post #2): 1) Download the toolkit and open the "CDLC Creator" tab 2) Click "Import Package" to remaster an existing CDLC that is experiencing the 100% bug 3) After the package loads, increment (edit) the CDLC version number in Song Information. 4) Click the "Generate" button and when prompted assign a new "Arrangement Identification" 5) Remove the old CDLC that contains the bug from the 'dlc' folder (this is a VERY important step) 6) Test and report bugs. "I can't get it to work" is not a bug. Alternate usage to preserve song stats ... For CDLC that have never been played in Rocksmith 2014 Remastered you do not have to do Step 3, and should not assign a new "Arrangement Identification" in Step 4. 'Generating' will repair (remaster) the CDLC and your existing song stats should be preserved. Time to Rock n' Remaster If you have trouble getting the toolkit or the CLI running: 1) Log in as an admin and always run the toolkit and the CLI as an admin. 2) Add toolkit (RocksmithToolkitGUI.exe and RocksmithToolkitUpdater.exe) to your AV's whitelist (approved apps) Contact Microsoft if you can't get these files added to the whitelist. Some toolkit issues being reported are the result of a recent Windows 10 update and are not a toolkit issue. 3) Completely uninstall toolkit 4) Download the latest version of toolkit. 5) Unzip toolkit to the default folder (rstoolkit- and leave it there 6) Make sure you are you running this exact version (clickable MS link) of .Net for compatibility (even if you have a higher version installed). 7) User's also have suggested: - Disabling driver signing - After downloading the toolkit zip file, right click and select properties of the file and click "Unblock". Thread rules: 1) All thread comments, questions and answers will be constructive. 2) No whining or pissy comments allowed. 3) No thread hijacking. 4) Make sure you are using this version of toolkit beta before posting any questions or comments. 5) Specify which OS you are using (must be logged in as admin) .
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