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Found 1 result

  1. I got these not so long ago ( expect the guitrar,i've got that for almost 2 months ago, lol) And here is some pic :D 1.) This is Marshall Code 50 (watt) digital combo amp. Tbh, i like the sound of it, but i'm wondering if a tube amp can be better then this... what do you think? 2.)Next up is a Dunlop Cry Baby Wah pedal. I can't really try it still, because (note:i'm still a noob at gears so of course i'm gonna mess something up) i stll need an adapter to use it. Actually,i wouldn't mind if someone might help me. Do i really need a Dunlop ECB003 or a DC Brick power supply to use the pedal or i can replace it with something else (and yes, i put a battery in the pedal and i have a cable that connects the pedal to the amp itself) 3.)Last,but not least i got this Cort X4-Bk seris for 2 months ago and i really enjoy it :D Still, even if it's doesn't have a floyd rose, it's still awsome.The only Problem i have is the first fret on the (high) e, b and g strings are "dead" so that's bit of a shame. I changed the factory strinfg once, and i put 10t gauges to it (the original was 9) and then the guitar was very hard to play,until my brother visited us and showed me how to adjust the tremolo bridge (the screws that are changing the the strings "height"(if i can call it that way)).The thing is that,once i changed the strings the dead sounds (a.k.a fret buzz)went away,but came back after the changes in the tremolo bridge :mellow: Cheers!
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