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Found 1 result

  1. -= HOW TO USE YOUR DLC LIBRARY and RS PROFILE w. PROGRESS on MULTIPLE PCs =- Guide for Windows / Steam.... So - like me a lot of you could like to play the downloaded dlcs on multiple Pcs... Here is the howto: 1. Get a (free) online cloud storage like dropbox (<--- link) which works great for me (up to 16Gb free). You can use any service that offers automatic folder syncronisation. Because i personally use dropbox i am gonna show how to do it with that in that guide. Register and 2. download and install the app of the homepage - it creates a folder on your HD - everything that you copy there is auto-synced with the cloud and it works boths ways, so if you install the app on your 2nd, 3rd... Pc and log in the files are gonna be copied there, too. Install the app on any computer you wanna use the shared library. 3. Create a folder called Rocksmith in your Dropbox folder. 4. Copy your entire dlc Folder from your Rocksmith-gamedir into the new created folder - should be somewhere like there: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014\dlc 5. Rename the dlc folder in the RS-Gamedir to dlc_orig (or something) 6. You cant just make a link via Windows to your Dropbox-RS-dlc folder on any computer you wanna use - this is not accepted by the game, you gotta create a DIRECTORY JUNCTION!!: - Open a command line (Start Button - type cmd - hit enter) - Go to RS-gamedir - in my case type: cd "\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014" - type: mklink /J dlc c:\Users\Rodman\Dropbox\Rocksmith\dlc (of course you gotta link to your Dropbox dir - edit the red text for your location) 7. Check if everything worked: go to windows file explorer, go to your rs gamedir - there should be a dlc dir with all your songs in it, and a dlc_orig folder that should look the same. if so 8. Start the game and test if the dlcs still work. if so 9. Start the game on the other computer (after you made #2 - #6 on that and let dropbox sync the folder) voila - everything should be working... 10. - optional - you can delete the dlc_orig folders or keep as backup. Now you have successfully set up your shared dlc library - the great thing is - on whatever computer you download a song and store it to the dropbox library it will automatically be synced to all attached computers!! RS Profile will automatically be synced via the steamcloud - so your progression will be kept updated whatever computer you use. So, thats it. If you like click THANKS! If you need help pm me, i will assist you! Regards, R.
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