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  1. I love CFSM, but I don't think it has the ability to silently install a psarc when it's provided as argv[1] (that happens when you run it manually from the command-line, dragging the file onto the program, or right clicking the file and selecting "Open with..." and selecting the program). This is definitely bare-bones and CFSM should still be used in tandem for its greater functionality, but I wanted to make this to fill a very specific niche of quickly downloading/installing files from Ignition. What I meant when I wrote about the hard-coded path, was that I'm more concerned with users who install Steam or Rocksmith to a custom location (eg: a second harddrive). In the end, all the program does is effectively move the file it's provided to the CDLC path, so I feel like that path should be up to the user. EDIT: To simplify, this is basically a stripped down version of the built-in "mv" command in Windows that only takes one argument (what to move) rather than two (what to move and where to move it).
  2. I got sick of having to manually move downloaded CDLC to Rocksmith's DLC folder, so I wanted to tell Firefox to a batch file on download to just copy downloaded psarc files for me. Turns out Firefox only accepts exe files as valid programs to open new downloads with, so a 1 line batch file exploded into over 50 lines of C++. It's not perfect, but it functions for my purposes and I'm open to adding features to it if people ask and I have the time. One major limitation is that it currently only supports the Steam version of Rocksmith 2014 and only if you're using the default install location for both Steam and Rocksmith 2014 because I was lazy and hard-coded the path. However, I'm already looking into an alternative for this, so if you don't have Rocksmith through Steam or just use a custom install path, just be a little patient and the next version should be out shortly. EDIT: I've added that functionality now, you'll have to paste in the path to where you'd like CDLC installed when the program's run the first time you use it. Links: Source Code Release (Download + How to Use)
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