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  1. I haven't gone through all the ones listed for "You" as the artist to check, but I'm wondering about something. What are you all's thoughts on using short real clips from songs in one exercise file. For instance if there's a "You - Play Like Van Halen" created, that has two minutes worth of clips from 10 different songs chopped together. Is that okay?


    (Obviously, if an artist that has ODLCs is done, none of the clips include DLC songs)



    I would not name it as "You", because it's probably not exercising a precise technique.

    And it isn't either an educational tutorial from an Artist. But under YouArtist would still be alright.


    I would keep it under Van Halen - 

    2 Minutes of 10 songs each is a pretty long compilation of 20 minutes, finding the right part to exercise may not be very comfortable.

    I think You exercices should remain short, with not too may sections, to quickly find and remember what you want to train.

  2. As the virus spreads all over the planet, just as we RS players are,

    I thought we may share our situations here, away from the local media hysteria.


    In the countries I live and work in (Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg), most were forced to stop working, gathering is prohibited by State of Emergency, 

    leaving home is only permitted to buy food, all other shops are closed, many administrations and banks have switched to electronic ways of working, we may still exercise outside, but alone or in family circle, not in groups.

    I hope this does not last too long, but it maybe longer than I can endure.

    I may even have time to do some cDLC again. 


    No job problems, nor financial for me, but that's probably not everybody's luck.

    Concerts are cancelled, as any other festivities.

    Hard time for Artists.


    Streets are quite empty, a real apocalyptic feeling,

    people have lost their smile, they avoid each other as if everybody had the plague.

    Certainly inspiring how quick our lifestyle can change.


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  3. I own version 3, (I suppose, because versions are not indicated anywhere)

    and the software is activated by buying a licence key, which was valid for updates.


    But versions later than 3 required buying a new licence key,

    and I was uncertain if the export to EOF would still work.


    Considering the price had more then doubled, 40€, and the upgrade price is 20€,

    this developer follows a policy of constantly making his clients pay for little, non-obvious, and questionable improvements.


    So I understand people who want to stay with the old version.

    And the developer does not seem to support old versions.

  4. OBS can build scenes with different video and audio sources, and flip them the way to make your play parrallel to the RS Screen.

    I don't know any other software that flexible.



    it got an option to pause recording, and resume in a unique file,

    it streams easily, I was told it also has add-ons like

    streamlabs for additional for live streaming options,

    which i didn't try





  5. Great Guy,


    he was the one who hooked me into Rush,

    never heard drums like that in a rockband,

    endless hours I spent on his rhythms and lyrics,


    gone way too soon,

    as were his wife and his daughter,


    time to reread some of his writings

    Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road

    passionate biker, like me,


    he left us with so much creativity

    he is going to live forever in our minds 

  6. Piracy is strictly forbidden anywhere, for any copyrighted material, streaming them too. You never stream, I presume.

    As long as you don't make a profit of it, i.e. by streaming cDLC on Twitch.

    But even publishing oDLC with your 100% on youtube may get your account banned.


    There is quite a grey zone.

    Even downloading a simple Tab maybe considered illegal.

    Even creating a simple Tab from a song may be illegal.

    And cDLC are basically Tabs in a different form.

    Playing a song with your local band in school or public place may also be illegal.


    Most important :

    You should own (or buy) the songs playable on the media which you want to play the cDLC on.

    If you own a vinyl version of a song, that would not give you the right to play the song on a Xbox.

    Even if you bought a song for Rockband with real tabs, that would not allow you to play it in Rocksmith.

    And if you bought a song for Rocksmith 2012, that would not allow you to play it in Rocksmith 2014.

    Yeah, that's pretty extreme, but basically the copyright principles want you to pay again and again,

    on whatever system you want to use it.


    Developing this reasoning is endless and will make you paranoid.


    This site is extremely clean, all cDLC which are Tabs claim to be for educational purpose only.

    Buy the songs and use the cDLC for your private education.

    You should be fine, even in Germany.

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  7. Hey guys, much love for the great work.


    At lot of the links are dead & I'm sad.


    If anyone could share them with me that would be amazing.


    visit the page of the cdlc  and  add a comment on the page and we will add a working link if it hasn't already been done

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  8. How about the aspect of comfort, I tried almost all possible, and there is only one Trademark which full fills my requirements : Bose.

    I can use them for hours even during summer heat, I even sometimes forget that I'm wearing them...


    Sound quality is also very good, moderate in bass as well as highs, don't forget that too much extremes may deter your hearing ability.

    You may think that's unimportant, when young, but you may regret it later...


    And yes, RS needs cable connection.

  9. Yes, it is but not with cDLC's as they don't have drum tabs.


    But you can load gp5 or gpx files from ultimate guitar or songsterr into Guitar pro, and save the drums as an audio in a pretty good quality.

    The drums you can hear in my melodic sequences exercices are self made in Guitar pro that way.


    You may also be interested to search the net for backing tracks, or multi tracks,

    some people ripped tracks from guitar heroes or rock band series into separated tracks of drums

  10. I would go for an SSD Boot drive, and install Rocksmith on it, as loading songs when starting RS is probably much faster,

    which is a real pain, when you chart cdlc, and have to enter and exit RS 10 times in an hour for testing and correcting!


    A Rocksmith installation with about 3.000 songs may require 30GB Harddisk space.

    Of course you don't have to load all the songs every time, you can remove them temporary with the Songmanager.


    So once you are in, you may like to keep RS in the Background, but that doesn't economize the systems energy, 

    which may need a correct cooling fan. A gamer notebook may be a good solution, if you don't intend to carry it around often.

    Keep in mind that RS is a Game, programmed like a Game, with DirectX.


    I would also check for as much USB as possible, about 6, preferably USB3, if you like to add external instruments or sound effects.

    Personally I like to use Guitar Rig together with Rocksmith via an external sound card with build in Asio.


    And you will need a decent external sound system, speakers, as laptops sound awful and TV HDMI has too much lag.


    MSI is exactly at 999, good quality, but if you can do without loading time, highest resolution with all gimmicks on

    You can probably go for 2-300 less with an I5 instead of an I7 CPU

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  11. Zoom UAC-2 (259€) 


    quite expensive stuff, (less for the Focusrite 2i2, about 100€) 

    if it's only needed to get rid of RS tones,

    and record in a DAW,


    as you still need (possibly quite expensive) replacement Guitar Effects as plug-ins,

    and considering the real-tone cable hacks


    The Firehawk FX (250€) comes as an easy uncomplicated and cheap all-inclusive solution

    RS cable is connected from FX send output to USB input, no hack or parallel output needed

  12. @@ctrl : have you tried it ?


    I don't know if it's emulation or just redirecting the sound data.

    I'm using DFX audio enhancer to improve sound, and it adds no latency at all.


    I think Asio is a very interesting subject, when you have an external (not onboard) sound card with an asio driver build in i.e.

    I'm using a Firehawk FX pedal board, which has an inbuild Asio Driver.


    This allows me to use any PC FX Software, like Amplitube, Guitar Rig or Pod, in addition to my Pedal Board sounds,

    with about 5ms latency in RS !



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  13. I'm confirming that all issues have been resolved.


    The search box issue happened once after I finished arranging my columns in the Song Manager,

    but after deselecting/selecting "Include Organized...", it was gone.


    It never happened in Arrangement Analyser.


    Now, this version has really become a great useful tool, thanks  ;)

  14. So I did take my courage to try the latest PC beta version

    because I have no time to spend helping (anymore) as a beta tester.

    And I ran into some funny issues and three serious issues in the Song Manager List.


    Funny Issues are that DDMax and file-size columns now show with two units after decimal point.

    In the stable version, they have none, and none in the Arrangements List


    BPM column now shows either none, one, two, and even three digits after decimal point.

    In the stable version, it always displays two, and two in the Arrangements List


    The serious issues:

    Filedate, ConversionDate column don't show any data, just two letters in every line : N2

    In the Arrangements List, the correct date is displayed


    Search box :

    1st letters x, z cause an unhandled exception, continue executes the search,

    all other letters work fine


    Any second letter cause an unhandled exception, continue executes the search,

    The search box in the Arrangement list works fine!


    Most serious issue:

    Edit Song Information fails - I can't even start the window.

    An error says it can't find ww2ogg, but this file is installed in the CFSM directory.


    I'm still under win8.1,

    .net 4.7.2

    and I installed the beta version from a clean start,

    after a complete uninstall of the stable version

    nothing else running,

    as administrator,

    disabled virus-checker

    deleted the CFSM directory in the Document dir.



     Tried several times, always the same results

  15. I'm playing inverted since the beginning, which also allows me to play in GoPlay Along, where syncing tabs is a matter of minutes.

    And a good way to learn read tabs while playing.

    And if you ever get into creating customs, EOF also displays the inverted way. 

    I can't play the normal RS way, and I can't understand why they didn't set the inverted display as the default display.

    That was from a point of teaching music very unprofessional.


    So be aware, once you choose one way, its very disturbing to try the other way.




    I would also add that notes on lower strings are played more often, and they are often sustained.

    Having the lower strings E A (red, yellow) displayed the default way often ends in a display covering notes on high strings.

    Overlapping notes in the inverted display is less probable.

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