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Status Updates posted by TomSawyer2112

  1. Beyond the Windmill

  2. I'm back, back on the track of Buckethead

  3. New level-up : Ability to memorize Tabs

  4. Lessons and Exercices

  5. Quest of creating Tones

  6. Van Zant Nostalgy

  7. Harpooned the Goon

  8. Siphoning Sequence

  9. Siphoning Sequence & ARS Large Time synced ... tough job

  10. Time for War Paint

  11. Our Selves Buckethead

  12. Buckethead, what else, there ain't no other guitarist

  13. Tabbing Eric Johnson's Manhatten in Gpro

  14. Still stamped as a jew

  15. convicted again by doing what had to be done

  16. Training Scales : Either you like old Dos Style games or mindblowing repeating same movements ( for others and yourself)

    1. TomSawyer2112


      I'm just a little bit outside RS, watching Pebber Brown, at www.youtube.com/user/pebberbrown/videos the video www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sdoz16LRz9Q, 20 minutes picking a single string! I like his teaching, even though he never heard of the Space Ostrich sprint down the Track. LOL

  17. Unaware Attraction : Living 5700km from Rush's Le Studio, Morin-Heights, only 200km to Princeville's Guitar Art & Luterie where my acoustic Guitar was fabricated

  18. Allergic to parasites

  19. back to charting (world cup ended ... in the worst possible way)

  20. Where are the Artists : German machine rolls over Brasilian's EuroTeam

  21. Go against the flow

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