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  1. Happy Birthday Heretic!

  2. Happy Birthday Heretic!

  3. Happy Birthday Heretic!

  4. Heretic

    Slipknot WIP

    The Devil In I is ready!
  5. Heretic

    Slipknot WIP

    Thanks. Now I'm thinking how to do it best. I think we need to consolidate our threads somehow, but I don't know how it would be better to do yet. Still thinking... ))
  6. Heretic

    Slipknot WIP

    I've changed the tuning for bass using Ross method for all songs. Check it out and tell me if something is wrong.
  7. Heretic

    Slipknot WIP

    Add vocal part and fixed tab. Bass was totally wrong (I've watched Paul's lesson). Guitar Tab Custom DLC (PC version) I think it's almost correct now. Check it. Is there any mistakes? And does anybody know the guitar tab editor with ability to sync tab with .mp3 or .ogg? Is it exist? Cause I failed to find it anywhere ( UPD. Fixed volume of CDLC: Version 0.3 And I have another question. Is that "_p" in the end of filename necessary? I've just copied my CDLC in game folder without this "_p" and the game didn't recognize it in song list. Then I've added that "_p" in the end of filename and it works.
  8. Heretic

    Slipknot WIP

    Now working on vocal part. Here is the updated version of GuitarPro tab: Version 4
  9. Heretic

    Slipknot WIP

    Thanks for tab, but I already had this one and it's wrong. You can watch Jim's video for evidence. My tab is more accurate, but can have some little mistakes in measures or rhythm. As for discography, I would like to make it but unfortunately haven't so much time for doing it. But I will do my best to make as much Slipknot customs as I can.
  10. Heretic

    Slipknot WIP

    Hi everybody! I've decided to post a new topic here to share my plans with you. As you probably know, I've already done some Slipknot's songs. I will try to make all the discography but this will take very long time... Here is the list for now: 1999 - Slipknot (SIC) 2001 - IOWA Left Behind People=Shit The Heretic Anthem 2004 - Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses Duality 2014 (2015) - .5: The Gray Chapter The Devil In I This list will updates. Stay up to date... Due to very poor help enthusiasm I will not post here guitarpro tabs or beta-versions anymore. I will just post links to new songs. If you have any questions or offers - always glad to see it. And I must say, that gauge of your strings seems to be really thicker than standart for playing Slipknot in Rocksmith 2014. Until now there was no problems for me with playing Slipknot on standart gauge strings. But in "People=Shit" and "The Heretic Anthem" songs I've faced some sound recognition problems in Rocksmith2014 ((
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