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  1. Oh, I also had bought the original copy for PC, so I'm not buying it again for Xbox and I already have the cable :)
  2. @@Alex360 My xbox is Jtag. I had played Rocksmith on PC before and has played a lot of CDLC, and now I'm moving to my console because my PC always lag @@Wepeel Well, because my console is JTAG, it seems impossible for me to buy Cherub Rock. So, it would be so great if you guys, or anyone, could help me to find the Cherub Rock. Thanks :)
  3. Any idea where can I get Cherub Rock fro Rocksmith 2014 on Xbox 360? I am trying to play a CDLC but I cannot play them without Cherub Rock.. Any idea?
  4. Hi guys, I am already playing Rocksmith with a lot of CDLC on PC But recently, my PC cannot stand the heat produced by Rocksmith (yeay, it's an old laptop) And I had tried google and search around the forum on how to Import CDLC to Xbox 360, but no result. Yes, I do realize that some of the CDLC have format for xbox. But, I could not find any tutorial on how to import them into my Xbox External HDD My Xbox is modded, JTAG, and has lot of experience using Horizon So, may I know the steps to import them? FROM A - Z
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