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  1. Thanks! That was fast! Can rs1compatibility and DLC files be treated also like ODLC in Tagging and Repair status? Not totally sure if this is correct.
  2. Now I have 3 values in Repair Status column: Repaired, Not Repaired and RepairedDD. All ODLC are "Not Repaired". I think they don't need any process. Could you add another status, like ODLC, like was done in Tagged column?
  3. Already done in latest beta. Thanks!!!
  4. Can we have a column with the status of the file, regarding the 100% mastery bug?
  5. At least form me, not more realease notes since (I´m with now) Is this OK? Thanks!
  6. It works perfect now!!! Thank you very much!! :D
  7. Just in case: Windows 10 64 bits up to date .NET Framework 1.0 not installed.NET Framework 1.1 not installed.NET Framework 2.0 service pack 2.NET Framework 3.0 service pack 2.NET Framework 3.5 service pack 1.NET Framework 4.0 Client installed.NET Framework 4.0 Full installed.NET Framework 4.5 installed
  8. Ok. - CFSM Folder deleted - Launch CFSM - Select Rocksmith Instalation folder - Scan 800+ songs - Settings, untick colArtistSort / colTitleSort / colAlbumSort - Save Settings - Exit - Relaunch - All 3 unticked columns are there again :o
  9. Hi Cozy1! I´m with the same problem again, this time with beta No matter how I tick active songmanager colums, and save settings. Next launch it goes back to default. I think this behavior went wrong a few betas back, but I don't remember when.
  10. OK, there we go, 3 screen shots: 1 - Right after the tagging. 2 - When I click on Tagged Column to select "All" 3 - After clicking continue on the exception error. http://i.imgur.com/dlrl79l.jpg http://i.imgur.com/eW0M2l5.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/pUKGh26.jpg
  11. Hi! I got a problem every week, when I get new songs on Ignition. These are the steps: 1) Put all new CDLC in /DLC folder. 2) Launch CFSM. 3) Wait for rescan. 4) Duplicate tab, to check for duplicates, just in case. 5) Song Manager tab: As I have all my CDLC tagged, it's easy to select the new downloaded with "Tagged" column (Tagged="False") 6) Select all. 7) Renamer tab: rename all the songs that are selected....with my naming convention. Everything is OK. 8) Song Manager tab: multiple selection, tag, and the finally tag these new CDLC. 9) At this point, as I click on Tagged column to select ALL, because I'm with an empty window, there's an exception error that makes me close CFSM as only solution. I'm using beta, W7 32, SP1.
  12. I'm with new beta. I changed default colums in song manager main window, saved settings, but next time I star CFSM them fall back to default. I've check that dgvSongsMaster.GridSettings is saved with proper info, but on every new start, it is automatically replaced by a default (differente active colums). Uninstalled and Installed again with no luck. Windows 7 32b SP1.
  13. Select all doesn't check ODLC. My intention was to do a Rename All with the new DD Level tag.
  14. An additional note: 661 -> 659. Those 2 showing are the first of each pack (sorted by artist)
  15. I'm trying and found some issues: - Start CFSM (with no RS1compatibiliydisc/dlc on my DLC folder) - Song count -> 659 - Move RS1compatibiliydisc/dlc to my DLC folder, rescan. - Song count -> 854 (in main window it show all this songs as "enabled", but not true, maybe 30 songs enabled previously with RSRoadie, but tried also with the original unedited files) - Rescan. - Song count -> 661 - In Cache PSARC Editor, Save songs with Songs from RS1 -> Repacking RS1 song pack failed - Save songs form RS1 DLC -> Exception error - (Tried both with previously edited and with original unedited files) - Save songs from RS 2014 -> OK Please tell if I can do any further testing.
  16. Wow!! That was fast!! Thank you very much!! :D
  17. Hi! First, thanks for the open beta. A huge step forward IMHO. I´m using and notice a problem with Tagging: even if the preview tags a correct square (green DD) or (Red NDD) with motive_bl, the result is in all cases a Red NDD. A suggestion: could it be possible to add and additional status in "Tagged" column? True, False and Official DLC. It will also works as a filter to identify all Official DLC. Will it be possible to add custom motives in tagger? Thank you very much!
  18. In Duplicates, I need to select between 2 or more duplicate files, without being able to know, for example, if they are from the same Author, which one has DD or how many levels, Version number, Tunning, Arrangements, etc. I know I can look for them in Song Manager, but it would make an AIO solution to have all on the same tab. In short, I´m asking for custom columns selecion in Duplicate tab. TIA!
  19. Hi! First and most important, thank you very very much for this great tool. I have a couple of suggestions (I´ll post them on the proper forum) and a problem with the Renamer. System Specs: Os: Windows 7 32 Ultimate SP1 .NET Framework 1.0 not installed.NET Framework 1.1 not installed.NET Framework 2.0 service pack 2.NET Framework 3.0 service pack 2.NET Framework 3.5 service pack 1.NET Framework 4.0 Client installed.NET Framework 4.0 Full installed.NET Framework 4.5 installed CFSM Version: Details: The <dd> tag in the template isn´t working for me.Example, with: <artist>_<title>_<version>_<dd> I get: ACDC_It'sALongWayToTheTop_1.0_p Expecting: ACDC_It'sALongWayToTheTop_1.0_DD_p Even if the song has 9 levels of DD. The same goes for all my collection of CDLC. I´ll wait for your comments, or guidelines for further testing. TIA!
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