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  1. "OAuth Error: An OAUTH Error has occured, or the forums are in maintenance mode. Please try logging in again" I've tried re-logging in and also restarting my browser by clearing cookies and cache.
  2. I'm a huge fan of the Call of Duty Zombie songs by Kevin Sherwood and the gang but nobody has done the latest ones i know they are for 7/8 string guitars but if they can be transposed to 6 string you would be a life saver! Also because no tabs exist either which is a pain. Pareidolia - Elena SiegmanComing Home - Elena SiegmanCarrion - Clark S. NovaWe All Fall Down - Clark S. NovaAlways Running - MalukahArchangel - Elena SiegmanDead Again - Elena SiegmanDead Flowers - Elena SiegmanDead Ended - Clark S. NovaThe Gift - Elena SiegmanShockwave - Elena SiegmanMystery - Elena SiegmanStormbound - Cl
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