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  1. Everything doing well? Just figured Id give a thankful check-in on the project. I really appreciate the work you guys are putting in to make such a great system like this (even if I dont know what the work actually is).To even do something like this speaks of the dedication there is to the community. So thank you, so much, for the work you are doing here. You guys get all the respect from me, as does everyone who works on this site. I just wish I had money to donate to really get my thankfulness across.
  2. Judas Priest, Steel Panther, & Mastodon on October 4th.
  3. Requests should instantly be put into the list right? tried to make a request two days ago or so and dont see it on the list.
  4. Jagaroth... doing the same thing as I am... 10/10 will buddy. Not letting those jerks get you scared about the reboot, eh? Also been messing around with The Witcher 2 since it was on the steam sale... and Rocksmith of course. PS: gameplay video released today shows all the complainers are about 99% percent wrong.
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