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  1. Btw my reaction whenever I see that E2M released a new song http://www.reactiongifs.com/r/abr.gif
  2. @@earth2mars I know but I thought you didn't like sleeping :P
  3. Don't know if you have other requests pending, and yet again I don't really have tabs for these so I won't expect these to be done. I Wish - Milky Bunny - Fairy tail OP Any Fairy tail ost that since many of them have great guitar parts Yume Sekai - Haruka Tomatsu - SAO Original Pokemon ost ( mainly the battle music, since it has amazing guitar parts) Brave Heart - ayumi miyazaki -Digimon OP Innocense - NoisyCell - Barakamon ED Brave new world - Gakusen toshi asterisk Any Fripside song
  4. Kill la kill ED1 Gomen ne iiko ja irarenai - Miku Sawai Kore wa zombie desu ka? ED1 Kizuite zombie-sama, watashi wa classmate desu - Yamaguchi Rie with Manzo Kore wa zombie desu ka? ED2 koi no beginner nan desu - Yamaguchi Rie Seitokai Yakuindomo OP 2 Saikyou legend days I don't really have tabs so i don't expect these to be done anytime soon if ever.
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