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  1. just smoking weed

  2. I have found my problems ! With CFSM. There was 2 Duplicates i didn´t found by my own in the folder. Paranoid and La Grange. CFSM removed duplicates and repaired all other dlc´s. Now my Rocksmith works great. No Menu and Exit bugs and no Crash or freeze. Hope this helps others.
  3. Yes, And let cfsm look for duplicates, and delete them. i had crashes, menu & exit bugs, over long time, because of the duplicates paranoid, and la grange. CFSM is great !
  4. I have also endless crashes when start, or quit, or scrolling in the list. I have deleted dlc´s for hours. Reintalled Rocksmith and Steam a hundred times. But i dont found the bug. After every update i have more and more problems. Many songs has been blocked because they released official. I dont use Rocksmith any more. I play only with amp now. I have wasted hours with repairing rocksmith... wasted time with wrong chords and notes. i take these hours and play only with amp now... I tried this song manager , taking many time to convert them all. But Rocksmith crashes already... I´m tired of wa
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